Winstrol V Usage

Has anyone had a go with Winstrol? If so, what were the pros and cons? Dosages?


Inject? Or oral?

My guess is oral. I love it, doesn’t give my joint pain but most day it does. It dries out your joint hence joint pain.

Sliced and diced when taking it, I like stacking it with var. run var entire cycle and Winny last 4 weeks. I did it with test, npp and var. then Winny last 4 weeks.

Harsh on the liver so use glutathione inject and MIC 30 days post.

Dose: I think I ran 50mg, but most run 25-50mg.

Liver support is a must!

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I wish I could love it. Just dries me out horribly even while trying my best to combat that.

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Ran some injectable oil based at 50mg/day. Just within a few days I could start to see a hardening effect.


In my experience the joint pain is way overrated. I think most have joint pain prior to training and they take gear and try to lift heavier and not address the actual issue. Any drug that causes water retention reduction can cause joint pain. I NEVER had joint pain when using winstrol even at 100mg a day pre contest.

Overall, terrible on lipids. But I looked great and was super strong. It added way more strength than I thought it would.

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I would just drink it :slight_smile:

The first time I used Winny I drank it. And you know what, that’s all I took :joy: :person_facepalming:t2:

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I absolutely love winny. It dries me out so well. I’ve actually lowered my dose on a cut due to the amount of veins every where lmao only downside I had was due to cramps. I work construction outside so staying hydrated is already hard. But it’s well worth it


Thanks guys for the responses!!!

It’s a great compound and will actually help with strength as well just need to be cautious with it dependent upon your state when using it may or may not be a good time to push but overall it’s a good drug. What are your goals and the other compounds you plan on using alongside it?

I’m currently in prep for a show in May. I have a few other compounds in the stash but waiting on my coaches “green light” to add them along the way

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Me too mine is in June but I’m about to start prep

I’m adding in 50mg/daily of Winni starting next week. I haven’t do t Winni in 15 years. I hope it drys the shit out of me. I’m vascular in my arms and that is about it. I have my diet in check I need to find out what my bf% is.

What show in May are you doing?

Post up some pics man you can get pretty close between myself and some guys on here that compete

Peach classic in Atl

Anyone have issues with emotionally? I been running it orally for about a week at 25mg a day, I don’t know if it’s connected, I’m also a little stressed right now. Just curious if anyone has had issues??

That's coincidental man. Most likely home life issue. 19-nor are usually the culprit of mental disorders in BB.