Will T3 shut down your thyroid forever? Answers revealed here!

Gather around the campfire for another saucy story. Also, you guys know my style at this point. Either prove it with labs/research or shut the fuck up :wink:.

Everyone’s fear of taking T3 is after you stop taking it you’ll be permanently shut down and required to take thyroid medication for the rest of your life. That was my fear a long time ago too. I actually ran across a post from John Jewett where he mentioned he was going to start taking T3 for prep. The post featured a study on thyroid suppression after long term use of thyroid medication. I was actually shocked at the answer. The study showed people coming off thyroid medication after 10 years of usage and within 30 days their numbers were back to their baseline thyroid levels.

I was shocked. But think, these people didn’t have well functioning thyroids to begin with or else they wouldn’t have been on the medication in the first place. But, their thyroid kicked back into action shortly after they stopped exogenous T3/T4. If mine was healthy to begin with would it go back to normal after?

So for my last prep I felt comfortable taking T3. My labs have always showed a healthy thyroid but if you’re in a caloric deficit for months on end it starts to go down. This happened to me as I stopped burning as many calories per day as we had used to in the beginning of prep. So I began to use T3 at the end of my prep and all I can say is holy shit it worked great. I was absolutely peeled for my show. Way farther than I’ve ever gone before in my previous shows. You could see every individual muscle in my body. Now I understand how these guys do it.

I used 50mcg of T3 per day. It was the brand name tiromel which is pharmaceutical T3. I will post a picture below of what 50mcg looks like on bloodwork. Normal range T3 is 2.2-4.2. 50mch T3 produced 7.6!

So the big thing was what happened once I got off? The day after my competition was over I stopped taking T3. I just sat back and watched. Within 48 hours of coming off I felt tired and sluggish. I was worried this would last for a while. But to my surprise within 48 hours after that I felt pretty good. Almost back to normal already.

So 30 days after I stopped taking T3 I had tested my T3 and it was already back to 3.1. This was in the middle of the normal range which is 2.2-4.2. Within 30 days it was perfect. My T4 was still a little low but not by much, plus T4 doesn’t do anything but convert to T3 anyway.

So 4 months after I got off I said fuck it let’s test it again. To my surprise my thyroid improved even more. My T3 measured at 3.8! T4 was back in range as well. At this point my energy was excellent and I actually felt like it was better than before I ever took T3. As if it kickstarted my thyroid.

Would I use T3 again? Yes, absolutely. If you’re taking a significant amount of anabolics you won’t shrivel up, that’s a myth. However, would I take 50mcg per day again? No. I would be fine with 25-37.5mcg per day. I think 25mcg per day would put people in the high end of the normal range which is perfect for most.

I’m going to post 2 pictures. The first one is a lab test of taking 50mcg of T3 per day.

The second is an actual picture of my bloodwork. The hand-written numbers are my 30 day post labs. The number in text are my 120 day post T3 bloodwork.

50 mcg a day t3 picture

My thyroid bloodwork 12:8:22


I’ve always wanted to no the answer to this but In searching the web all I found was mixed answers…literally one or the other. Thank you for this post, and furthermore posting your own bloods to prove it! This was more than helpful bro!

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I appreciated the share MK. But, is this true for everyone, we cant say. Is it true for you, sure. I have seen many dudes not bounce back. We can speculate they had thyroid issues prior, but based on labs they didn’t.

While I agree there is a fear, I also believe that some will bounce back and some won’t. It’s like taking a cycle and doing a PCT, some bounce back and some don’t that well.

So many factors that always influence all of this.

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My wife is on prescribed T4. Over the last decade it’s gradually lost its effect. Her brilliant MD won’t up her dosage because her levels “are still in range”. She’e put on about 10lbs this past year. Anyway I’ve been researching T3 and T4 and I’ve about to start her on a T3/T4 combo.

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Tons of places online to buy T3. It’s easy.

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Thanks for the post. I used T-3 on and off for years, how long I can’t honestly tell you. But eventually I had to go on Levothyroxine after being off for a couple years. Been on it over well over 10 years now. In no way am I blaming the T3. I’m not saying your wrong, or the study, this is just my circumstance. This is why I consistently preach to get bloods twice yearly and monitor everything. Equally important is to find a competent physician with whom you can disclose everything with. You are still young so I bet you will bounce back. Good luck with your upcoming shows!

You could have been destined to have a lower thyroid 10 years later regardless of using T3. I think it’s a valid point. I was actually surprised to see how quickly and easily people bounced back. I figured once you used it for over a year your thyroid’s production would never return. I was wrong. But for me I don’t see the point of long term use unless you’re hypo-thyroid.

Thyroid doesn’t act the same as testosterone though. 2 years of test and you’re shut down for life.

I believe if someone was hypothyroid or borderline and they decide to take thyroid medication for 20 years and come off that their levels probably wouldn’t be good because it wasn’t good prior and that’s a lot of years on the body.

However, have you seen someone use it for 3 months say and not bounce back? And they can prove perfect bloodwork prior? I personally will only use it short term so I’m not concerned. But my gut instinct says if I took it for 10 years straight it would be hard to come off. But, then again I would be 10 years older and I doubt my thyroid would be as fast as it is now anyway.


I agree :100: but your smart. I am speaking for the guys that don’t do the research etc and stay on Tren way too long, GH for too long and over use T3 :joy: Which is way more common.

We are smart, play smart but most don’t.

My opinion on those 3 things.

Use tren pre contest whether it be powerlifting or bodybuilding. If I didn’t compete idk if I would ever use it. I think the visual effects are great but the negatives can be huge and a lot of times isn’t worth it in the long run. Not sleeping is an absolutely disaster for performance and your health.

T3 should be used at the end of bodybuilding prep once your thyroid starts to decline after months of low calorie dieting. Depending on how many shows you do back to back maybe 2-3 months total use per year.

GH. I’m not sure at this point yet. I feel with blood sugar issues it’s much safer when in a calorie deficit. If it’s used in building season then you have to use insulin with it unless you’re a really small guy. The 2iu a day year round guys using UGL brands are probably benefiting very little. I mean that might put your IGF-1 at 200? Is that even worth it? Mine naturally is 214. 2iu of Pharma would be significant but then again you have blood sugar issues if you’re not super lean.


I took levthyroxin for approximately 4 years. Stopped taking it 2 years ago and my T4 has been normal ever since. Not really sure whst happened?

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Like the study said, most people don’t get permanently shut down.

You probably really didn’t have hypothyroidism.

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Thats what I was thinking as well XXL.

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T3 like most things is all about using it smart. There’s a reason experienced coaches /athletes say start low as in no higher than 25mcg daily and I’ve read best not to go over 50mcg and only to be on short amount of time. Problem is most people are lazy and just think taking this magic pill will give them all the answers . When I’m truth 90% is there diet . No one said it was easy but hard work pays off. Mess up your body’s natural thyroid and your in for a host of issues

For me the range I would use is between 25 and 50mcg a day.

50mcg would be for the high level athlete who’s pro or going pro and needs 4% body fat levels. The rest of the population can do fine on 25-37.5mcg a day.

Screw that! I need 100mcg…go big or go home. Lol :joy:

I took 75mcg into Universe and I was eating 300g carb a day shredded. But I couldn’t fill out for the show. I had no negative sides tho.

What about changes to HR and BP at 25mg?? Anything noticeable?

Not really. I going to 37.5 will keep HR in the 60s though.