White Rice or Brown Rice?

Rice is a common bodybuilding food, but the benefits of white and brown rice differ.

Both are excellent sources of carbohydrates, but white rice has a higher insulin response due to its low fibre and fat content.

Brown rice also raises insulin levels, but the fibre and lipids in it assist to keep it in check. As a result, while you’re not training, the carbs from brown rice are significantly less likely to be stored as body fat than carbs from white rice.

Which rice is best for Building Muscle?

When it comes to building lean mass, calorie consumption is the most significant component. Higher carbohydrate consumption promotes muscle glycogen storage, which helps you fuel your workouts.

Whereas White rice offers a modest benefit over brown rice because of its lower glycaemic index and higher carb content, making it somewhat preferable for pre and post-workout meals to enhance rapid nutrient access for energy and recovery.



Many bodybuilders and athletes favour white rice for training and muscle gain because of its higher sugar content and faster absorption, but there is no evidence that brown rice is inferior for these objectives. Total consumption and training have a greater impact on gaining lean mass.



White rice all the way big dawg. Can’t hang with brown rice. I like my fiber from fruits and veggies anyway. I like wild rice every now and again though just for the earthy flavor with salmon or somethin.

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If it ain’t white rice it ain’t right. Love some white rice. Eating shit tons of it.


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