Which exercises burn the most calories?

Running is the activity that burns the most calories in an hour. Take up running if you want to get the biggest calorie bang for your cash.

Other calorie-burning exercises include HIIT workouts, jumping rope, and swimming if running isn’t your thing. Depending on your interests and fitness level, you can undertake any combination of these exercises.

Several factors influence how many calories you burn, including:

Time spent on exercise



Weight & Height

In general, the more weight you have, the more calories you will burn while exercising.

Best exercises for calorie burn

The top 12 calorie-burning exercises are listed in the table below. These exercises are the most effective in terms of calorie expenditure per hour-


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Just to be funny, the average person (male) to burn 4.2 calories per minute having sex. (Women 3.1 calories) per minute. So men burn normally 100 calories. Women 69 calories.
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In general any movement that requires more muscle groups to happen will by defailt require more energy to perform. Think multiplanar movements for the most calories exerted per rep.


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