Upper/lower body split

Since I started my rehabbing my shoulder my PT basically put me on an upper body/lower body split. I’m lifter 5 days a week, 3 days upper and 2 days lower. So far so good. I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue but getting older I don’t mind this more of a full body workout.


If it’s working stick with it imo. Have you looked into some bpc157/tb500 and possibly some GH for extended healing?


Never change a running system
If you stuck than maybe change to Push/pull/legs :facepunch:

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Ever tried PHAT training I did a modified version of that for a few years.

I just do push , pull and then leg day myself

I used BPC-157 for the first 3 months post surgery. Made a HUGE difference. Both my PT and Surgeon couldn’t believe how quickly I healed

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Bad ass love it. Was it from a compounding facility or a source here?

I’m a ppl guy, but returning from hernia surgery I started full body’s to get re acclimated to the gym. Honestly it went really well but as I got rolling again the volume needed I had to break it down again into ppl. I think it could be great for deload phases to let the body recoup from strenuous periods. Also the pump form a full upper body workout is kinda fire.

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Most I do ppl but I do change up, sometimes I’ll go a month or two doing one body part a day .

I’m a fan of upper/lower, personally. It’s what I opt for when I’m trying to push volume. For more conventional volume targets, I go with full body type workouts.