Tren Sides By EXO

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Tren sides written by exo

not everyone will experience negative sides with tren. this depends on how you react to the drug like any other drug and of course dosage matters !!.

@100 a week
i have NO sides

@150 a week
i have NO NEGITIVE sides with a mild increased sex drive

@200 a week
i'll get a little thermal when eating with increased sex drive

@400 a week
i'm thermal, night sweats, great sex drive, thirsty, and i get winded often

@600 a week
i'm thermal, night sweats, great sex drive, get aroused easily and often, thirsty, i get winded often, vivid dreams, insomnia, confident euphoric state of mind, irritability, my urine will be anywhere from dark yellow to coper in color at times not daily, drink lots of water guys, i will push my woman to keep up with me sexually and if she doesn't comply it will upset me

@800 a week
i'm thermal, night sweats, thirsty, i get winded often, vivid dreams, insomnia, my urine will be anywhere from dark yellow to coper in color at times not all the time, loss of appetite, for some the use of drugs and alcohol may be increased, confident euphoric state of mind, energy, irritability, its not a rage thing ,its irritability which can trigger negative action once pushed to the point, note : practicing self control in your life will not only help with tren but in your wives and or kids lives and also include work and friendship's, not willing to be wrong, not willing to compromise, willing to take an argument to a hurtful extreme by saying things you can never take back. if your already good at this then you'll be a pro ! your confidence level will be higher then deserved. wanting, pushing or trying to force your woman to be excessively submissive in bed activities, pushing them to go longer then they wish or have the desire or energy for, if they don't comply there will be negative consequences rather it be my words or actions. at this dosage sex will play a huge roll in your day and will be upsetting if what you want doesn't work out. for example getting sex but not getting a blowjob that you waited for. or even worst being turned down for sex. masturbation will increase tremendously and you'll see this at lower dosages as well of course, the inability to cum / orgasm due to elevated prolactin, similar to Male orgasmic disorder. higher levels of prolactin can cause a decrease in sex drive. in fact after you have an orgasm your prolactin is elevated by about an hour. iv'e noticed with deca or npp higher levels of prolactin will decrees sex drive a bit. more so if your estrogen test ratio is out of wack. you see.. high prolactin , well think of it as the refractory period. this is the time immediately after orgasm and you cum where your unable to get hard, or actually even disinterested in further sex. my self..,i believe although tren is a 19nor the same as deca or npp the fact that tren is so strong on the anabolic androgenic scale doesn't effect stamina or sex drive nearly as much. in fact with me, high prolactin with a high enough dosage of tren and test i have ZERO stamina or libido issues for quit some time. and the inability to cum is the greatest feeling in the world. your basically a sex god that last in bed for ever. and with your libido up your dick can back up that statement by holding hard. your woman will hate that you last longer then she would like you to preform and she will believe she doesn't have the ability to get you off which will make her feel fat and ugly and undesirable. regardless if you tell her why this is happening to you or not .now obviously it's bad advice to tell you to let your prolactin run high. and that is not what i'm suggesting. i'm just telling you how all this shit works so i speak for my self when i say that i do generally let it run high and will do the same with my estrogen a bit during growth as well. when my nipples get sensitive and i'm having a harder and harder time to cum i know my nipples are sensitive to high prolactin and i will take some caber and it will go away. cabergoline is how you control and lower your prolactin when needed during your cycle which will bring my ability to orgasm up along with an increased orgasm. ill try and put into words, basically you'll cum really hard and intense which is cool. keep in mind if you lower your level to much its the opposite of stamina and you'll experience premature ejaculation !!. also keep in mind that that stamina is in my opinion more short lived with deca so always have some caber on hand.

understand that 800mg is a lot and this or even a lower dosage is something you'll need to watch out for but with time and experience at lower dosages you will find a sweet spot where sides are tolerable and not scary. anything over 800mg is ridiculous but i have done it ! its a good steroid to try just start off low that's all. and don't over use it often

to eat on tren during a bulk. that's the hardest once you pass a certain mg per week. lets say 250-300mg maybe more maybe less depending on the person. at 600mg a week sure i can eat a steak dinner sweeting my ass off and gobble it all down but 2 hours later i'm like an unhappy little kid at the dinner table forcing my self to eat the chewy pot roast. there is no real answer other then lowering your dosage to combat sides. however even lack of calories taken in to bulk you will still see your body recomp and shape up. one way to get your calories in while your appetite is down is by drinking your calories and making sure your not making dry or dense food. for example runny oatmeal is better then goopy oatmeal. side note : its easy to drink like that once your at the point of not wanting to chew

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This is legit dude. Nice article. I fall into that 200 mg a week dose category. It works perfectly for me for recomp, and makes me one horny motherfucker. Which I’m of course fine with lol.


yeah, at 200 you still get a lot of benefits with out the sides

I’m in the 400 club. After a few weeks Neg sides diminish greatly.


I love Tren and have learned so much about how
My body reacts to it over the many years of different cycles and experimenting. For me personally its #1 bar none for best recomp type compound. No matter how much I eat I’m just a human furnace and constantly gettin more and more lean and vascular while on it. I have used it a few different ways and I’ll list them below kind of how Exo started the posts with.

200mg Tren weekly: I’ll use this dose if my goal is size but staying lean and facing nice clean size not sloppy or watery. At least with the dose this low I can still put weight on as king as I’m in a calorie surplus and it’s lean muscle. No sides and sex drive is high

400mg Tren weekly: This dose is my favorite to combine with a medium dose of test and mast and use this to cut up and retain as much muscle as possible. Body’s constantly like furnace sweating like a mofo. Aggressions there and noticeable but only when I need it to be nothing uncontrollable

600mg Tren week: this is highest I’ve gone and my body’s just burning fat 24/7 . Sides get bad, insomnia, moodiness and not just night sweats but all day sweats and very short temper. This dose made me uncomfortable most of the days I was using this much


thank you flex for sharing

anyone , feel free to share your tren knowledge and experience. doesn't just have to be sides.

to learn yall,
when flex says his body is like a furnace is because the idea is tren speeds up your metabolic rate which burns calories and energy. and that's why he's saying he's burning fat contently. when your metabolic rate is up your body produces more heat which is why these guys are sweating so much. so if your goal is to put on size you would need to add more calories to maintain weight and even more to gain. and that's just simple knowledge but just throwing it out there to explain in detail as this steroid acts different then most. now a higher metabolism can cause fatigue as well as a higher heart rate and of course the tren sweats. generally this would also cause for hunger . however tren might,can, or will cause hunger loss. of cource DOSAGE MATTERS

tren can be used for cut or bulk
and calories matter

where as something like dianabol can only be used for bulk

if you want a substitute for tren i my self would recommend DHB and even throw in some GW / CARDARINE which is a non stimulant fat burner


damn.... well.. that is one great post Exo... now I feel like a pussy... :rofl:

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does your pussy hurt ha !

your not a man till you slam 100mg tren base up your pee hole ! normally a small syringe but of course i use a fire hose because of my unusual size

turkey baster for me brother :grinning:

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