Tren question

Ive ran 3 tren e cycles before. Just started another one about 2.5 weeks ago. I forgot how bad it killed my carido. I do supersets and today i was doing legs and shoulders. After one set of each i was trying to catch my breath. Curious is there anything i can do or take to help with this? Hell i get out of breath having sex :rofl:. Appreciate any input


Sarm gw-501516 should do the trick.


The last tren e cycle I ran I incorporated EQ in the cycle along with Helios and clen. Never was winded.

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What billy said up there might help out! I just got done running tren ace for 10 weeks and god damn I couldn’t walk up a set of stairs without being winded towards the end haha. I was starting to get winded saying long sentences :joy: shit really fucks your cardio up. I’m off now and everything is back to normal but damn it was rough


Hey what’s Helios? The stuff from MJR?

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Haha yeah that shit’ll do that to you for sure. I haven’t ran it in years just have it for emergency purposes.

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I use GW myself but there will still be some lost of cardio on tren . I just have her suck it while I catch my breath lol

The Helios I have used I get from recon peptides. I normally wait until a holiday when they do big sales. But the Helios is comprised of 40mcg clen, 5.4mg per ml of yohimbine in a 30ml vial.

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What does that combo do for breathing?

Well I am in no way in an expert or for sure have never had any experience this is actually my first thought in it. I suppose sucking dick you would have to have a dick in your mouth and breathe through your nose. This is what we were talking about?

Lol Jk yeah bro I was wondering how the combo would help.

Originally clen was used for breathing problems. It is a decongestant and bronchodilator and helps with asthma. EQ creates more red blood cells which gives your body more oxygen for the muscles.


Been using clen for this for a while off and on. Low doses for short periods of time especially allergy season.

Smart about the EQ :+1:


GW-Cardarine, which EXO has. Also do more aerobic conditioning intervals for 20-30min each day.


how many steps up stairs before winded ? 3 ? 4 ? lol
you know its bad when you get winded going down the stairs

First off - why are you training legs and shoulder together on the same day let alone super setting? If you’re hitting legs hard that’s all you should be able to handle.

Second, get bronkaid from your local pharmacy and take it 30 minutes prior to training. 60 tabs for $10. It’s like a side effect free legal clen.