Tren and Deca or not?

Just wondering, could you stack deca and Tren? I’ve been on deca like 8 weeks. Thinking about stacking on Tren. I’ve no sides with test and deca except some acne here and there.


its not a super popular stack but its done, and most who do like it. whats your goal? keep your calories up and should be able to add some solid lean mass


That’s the goal, just to add alotttt of mass. I’m trying to get to 195,200lbs and see what I look and feel like then. I’m at 175 right now.


go for it! its gonna take a lot of food, i know you have a crazy metabolism, so its going to be tough


Yeah that’s for sure!! Luckily my job is awesome so I’ll spend double at the grocery store!! Lol


Take it slow. It’s not recommended to do both 19-nor at the same time. Keep your water up even more. Your back beans will appreciate your efforts

I did it.. was great until it wasn't.. however I did not take caber until things got bad.. also, was NPP not deca.


I dropped the deca yesterday and the Tren should be here Thursday so I might wait til Sunday and just hit test and Tren. And the halo lol

Yeah I don’t think I’ll do that to myself. I dropped the deca. Just to see what 50mg Tren every other day will do to me haha

Lol well said. Great until it wasn’t. Coming off is worse than being on sometimes from my experience. Shoot I couldn’t not run caber again with both won’t ever do that again


Running both at different intervals in ur cycle could be beneficial for you. Depends on how u take 19s and how u respond overall. I love running a bunch of shit on a big run. Not necessarily a heavy dose.

Keep us posted brother I’m looking forward to seeing how u respond during and after

Honestly so far after 9 weeks the deca has treated me very well!!!


Love me some Deca. Huge fan.

then your estrogen is a little high which is ok during a cycle for growth. generally when you get the zits on your chest and back is a good indictor. doesn't mean you have to lower your E right then and there though

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Okay but don’t have it up that high for long?

wiker or email me if you want

Dude~ I'm a little late to the discussion but its one of my all time fav stacks

It's either Test, Deca & Tren Ace~ or Test, EQ, & Tren Ace... and using these three compounds together I don't need high dosages and have zero sides.

This pic is 250 Test/ 300 EQ and 100 mgs of Tren a week. Run the Test/EQ for a good 6 weeks to give the EQ time to get in there and then drop in the Tren Ace for another 10 weeks.. Works like a charm.

With Deca more muscle volume/size, with EQ harder and tighter. Stats are 5'11.5" at 258 ..ish




Hell yeah man. I’m a week into Tren and test. But I still have a lot of deca.. it’s definitely tempting!!!

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I would'nt run 2 nors together. Just me. Too many issues.

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