Today I'm a Lobster

GOOOOOD MORNING :sunglasses:
The point was made yesterday that in order to grow, we need change in our life. Just like the Lobster feeling confined and outgrown his shell… our feelings have the same general meaning. Today I am a Lobster!

Who achieved their goal for last week?? And whats the next goal for this week??


Change is uncomfortable, and without change, you can’t grow.

Did not meet last weeks goal, but I have already started to accomplish it this week. Better late than never.

Thank you @Ashley for bringing sunshine to sis.


Never been really one of a goal setter.

I rather just go all out in the gym and let the results show for themselves.



I’m somewhat with @01dragonslayer I do set long term goals, but not much for setting short term. Seems to many variables in short term goals to me.


Were all different. I have to set goals. My brain runs wild. I have terrible A.D.H.D very bad prescribed 90mgs of adderall a day bad as well as obsessive compulsive and impulse control. If i dont set goals and guidelines im fucked. I can’t fall off track too much. I gotta be strict on myself. Even if i dont complete the goal at least i stayed on track with the routine. I do fail a lot because i set my goals were the solar is. Me falling off track is much worse


Ever tried antomoxtin? Non stimulant for ADHD. One pill 24h. My brain…Its like a TV just channel surfing but given that med, It helps keep that TV on one channel.


I will look into this. This Dr. Prescribed? I will research this. I know what you mean by the Television reference. I fucking hate Adderall too. Takes away from my personality. That being said. Making a costume out of someone elses back pack and stripping down to fit inside of it wouldn’t be such a hot look at 31yrs old and would be more then me getting the boot from that school

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Yes, it’s doc prescribed. Tho your more likely to get prescribed. It’s not watched like Adderall is. The brand name is strattera but it’s cheaper to get antomoxtin