Testosterone Phenylpropionate

I have a question regarding Testosterone Phenylpropionate I was under the impression it was pretty much test prop modified to which it creates less pip. but there's not a lot of information past that and some body building pages are linking it to sust 250. can someone clear up or guide me better info regarding TPP?

It’s just a different ester that’s attached brother. Nothing crazy special just shorter acting. Never heard about the whole pip thing regarding phenylprop. That’s a new one on me.

Check the pip discussion out below :point_down:

I don’t think shirt or king determines the pip. I mean for some sure like a Winny inject etc. But I know I guys that use ace, tp, and TPP and get no pip at all. Others like me, get annihilated by them. So I can only to Test E or C. But primo or even DHB don’t bother me.

So pip has some to do with ester, but more to do with person and how it’s brewed. But TPP along with ace has so much confusing info. Bottom line, it’s a short ester just like ace and TP.

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pip is caused by crystallization of the hormone as the ester separates. thats why its more common in fast esters and high mg mixes. there is other factors also, but thats the cause

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Would you say prop is probably more painful than phenylprop, but phenylprop would still have some? Seems like it's compound specific too. Weird how boldenone und is so long but still comes nearly pip free, but many report major issues with bold cyp, prop and ace

Bold und is long so it stays attached to the ester. Phenylprop is slightly longer than prop so I would guess it could have some, depending on mg and quality

I prefer tpp and ta over tp . I get pip from tp myself but that's me

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