TD and Numerous Product Reviews

Well ladies and gents, my pack hit about a week and a half ago… I was holding off on my review until an issue was resolved, and it seems now, that is being addressed properly. I wont post anything further on that until full resolution or otherwise…

But, for the remainder of process it was pretty basic… I ordered off their website, which is quite easy to navigate, and i like that they mark the products down coinciding with current sales or promos, so you dont need to hunt down a promo code, but if you do have one you can also enter that as well.

The price is insane… I lucked out waiting to place my order after missing the initial storewide sale upon MJR coming onboard. And, luckily for me, they ran another largescale sale just in time for my order… all said, i saved around 200 bucks off their regular prices, which are already lower than i am accustomed to for research purposes.

This worried me a little, as I am sure your all aware, you usually get what you pay for, with few exceptions.

Its still a little too early to tell if that is the case with MJR.

However, the verdict is up on some or the individual compounds purchased, of which, there were many…

I will be posting one compound review per post in this thread beginning with a dousy of a review on their 20ml Helios vials… believe me, you all dont want to miss this review…

FYI- As none of the products i have ordered they sell roid tests for to my knowledge, and none of the compounds are normally tested for in blood work, with the exceptions of indirect hormonal correlations exhibited by the raloxifene, exemestane, and clomiphene (awaiting its arrival atm). All reviews will be a combination of my subjective experienced, yet possible slightly biased personal opinion with absolutely no bullshit, complete transparency and honest critiques, as well as objective visual and physical descriptions of the products themselves. This is far from concrete scientific, peer reviewed, published medical studies or research publications. But, for everyone here, its the best your gonna get, and its gonna have to be until the government stops restricting our freedoms. Aka no time in the near future. On the bright side, you wont need a medical dictionary, an advanced degree, and an iq above your gf’s bodyweight to understand them either …

Coming Soon: Helios: Holy Shiz


Almost forgot the porn…

For those having issues with deciphering the contents of the image. …

The pack includes:

10mg TB500
60-25mg GW501506 (aka cardarine) caps
30ml-25mg Exemestane (aka aromasin) Liquid
60-250mg Tudca Caps
60-25mg Raloxifene Caps
30ml- 5%RU58841 Liquid
30ml- Tadalafil/Sildenafil
20ml- Inj. L-Carnitine 400mg/ml
20ml- Inj. Helios 40mcg/5mg (aka clenbuterol 40mcg/yohimbine 5mg)


10g Clomiphene Powder


I’m tuned in ready to watch this review unfold :eyes: :popcorn:

Knowing it’s ur review, I can rest easy in the knowledge being from experience and not from research alone. Get it biggen


Patiently waiting.

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Right right as am I.

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