Tbol and Anadrol

Has anyone ever ran these compounds together in a cycle?I see some Anadrol/Winny cycles but i never see anything about running tbol whike bulking​:thinking:


Hadn’t seen those two together. Amerigear has the Venom drops which has tbol and sdrol together. You thinking of running the two together?

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Im going to run anadrol along with sustanon once i cut down all the fat.
these are current pics.right now im just dieting down and using clen to help shed the fluff.Look at these puny ass legs…i cant stand it​:joy::joy::joy:currently stats are 6’5,230lbs.


I just wasnt sure if adding tbol or something like that would benefit​:man_shrugging:

Never have and your Bp would be through the roof.

If you want to cut fat, of course diet and cardio and weights, but TBOL is a better option. Also GH IMO is a must with your cycle, or GW if you don’t want GH.

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Good to know…the fat is coming off thru diet and training…i was actually at 390 a year and a half ago.

Damn man you have made some serious progress from 390lbs! Tall sob too

I haven’t tried that combo but…

I look at Tbol like a weaker dbol (pretty sure it’s the same as Dbol chemically but has something added to it to make it different). Decent cutter since no estrogenic conversion, no gyno etc… Weak as an androgen so not the best bulker.

Since Adrol is a good bulking compound it’s interesting to see this in combo with TBol. Never even thought about it but I’m gonna look into it now. Thanks for the post brother :+1:

*hell my bp is always sky high I have 3 daughters and am one drink away from the devil :laughing:


I actually thought about GH and the more i read it looks better and better.Thanks for the input.I will get these chicken legs to fucking bulk!!!:joy:


Look into ghrp and cjc1295. I’ve dropped 70lbs since March 13, and they had a lot to do with it. Combined with cardio, intermittent fasting, test and took fat melted off.

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Thanks…not sure ive ever seen ghrp and cjc1295 or where to start

Those helped me eat about two years ago during a good bulk. The release from the ghrp makes you so fucking hangry no joke. Carl Lanore has a bad ass podcast on it on the superhuman radio. Helps with the digestion part as well. Take to much and be prepared for ex lax on steroids. Yes I know from first hand experience got my measurements mixed up. Talk about having to take off work and empty your soul.


Tbol is a very nice lean bulk. I used it when i switched it from dbol. Dbol does give a more puffy water gain look and strength does increase. Tbol was nice and strength did go up but not like dbol IMO. dbol does aromatize to estrogen. Now my next run is gonna be anadrol. I hear from many others that (used it)strength is gonna go up and so will muscle gain off it compared to dbol.