Strength training exercises for beginners

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It’s crucial to understand that you don’t need to perform any elaborate exercises in order to build strength when it comes to strength training for beginners. It only requires a few simple movements, persistence, and patience.

Below are a few exercises that are ideal for beginners because they help you build strength-

SQUAT-Your glutes, quads, and core muscles will all benefit from the squat. Start with a chair * squat if you find this too challenging: With each repetition, squat in front of a chair (or bench) and tap the seat softly.

  • DEADLIFT - The deadlift is a hip-hinging exercise that strengthens the glutes and hamstrings. Additionally, it activates your core, back, and shoulders.

  • GLUTE BRIDGE- A hip-extension exercise that primarily works the glutes but also works the hamstrings and core muscles is the glute bridge.

  • PUSH-UP- All the pushing muscles in your upper body, such as your chest, shoulders, and triceps, are used during a push-up.

  • BENT-OVER ROW- The back, shoulders, and biceps are all engaged in this bent-over row workout, which works all the pulling muscles in your upper body. To keep a firm position, it also needs the participation of the legs and the core.

  • HOLLOW-BODY HOLD- The hollow-body hold is a fantastic all-body exercise for maintaining core stability. An isometric exercise that works every core muscle is the hollow-body hold.

  • DUMBBELL CHOPPER- Targeting the obliques in particular, the woodchopper exercise works the core muscles. Legs and glutes are additionally worked out. You’ll notice a slight increase in heart rate as an added benefit.

  • REVERSE LUNGE- Reverse lunges are single-leg exercises that strengthen the core, legs, and glutes.

DISCLAIMER:- *Above-stating content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Before starting any type of program or treatment, it is advisable to seek the advice from your health professional *

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