sponsored log applications

Here’s everyone’s chance to get the motivation and inspiration they need to get to the next level of your fitness/physique goals.
In your post please tell everyone why you will be a great choice to become an example of what the products can accomplish?
What else besides special sauce will be a part of your plan?
Can you commit to a daily update and at least 3 detailed logs per week?
Will you post pre-cycle, during and post-cycle pics?
Will you have fun and enjoy the process but also take it seriously?

(More details of contest will be posted soon, but in the meantime, tell us why you should be picked)



How’s it going everyone?
I would like to submit my application for this contest!
I’m already doing a sponsored log starting on July 4th, I think I’ll be a great candidate for this contest, because I’m determined, very detailed, dedicated, and am very competitive!
As I mentioned in my sponsored log announcement, I will be doing a lean bulk cycle, other then the gear my plan consists of raising my 3200 maintenance calories to 3700 calories for the first 4 weeks to gauge gains and increase as needed.
My workout plan will consist of an Arnold split

30 minute cardio at end of each workout
13/3/30 routine on treadmill

I can fully commit to daily updates regarding workouts and food intake, along with weekly pictures of physique progress

I will be posting
Pre cycle - Body pictures, Stats, and blood work
During cycle - stats and body pictures
Post cycle - Body pictures, stats, and blood work

I already enjoy doing all these things so why not do it for a competition!


Perfect! A great example of what to write.


We need some more applicants, come on guys let’s get this thing going!!!

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