Primo question?

Just had business man contact my about making a purchase. On his list is Primo A dosed at 250 mg. I’ve been wanting to do primo with my next cycle. Has anyone ever seen a short Esther with that much hormone it it? Especially priori.

primo e at 200 is painless. i dont think ive seen ace at that high

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Yeah. Same here. When I make test and tren acetate I dose at 100mg.

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No never seen primo that high . Plus if they do make primo a that high u could probably pin once ever two or three weeks cause the pip is going to be out this world with it

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Primo ace dosed hat high mutilate you.

Would the hormone even hold in ace that high? You would have to load it with bb and ba I would think.

I havent seen it that high but i am running pimo E 200

It would hold with super solvent

I highly doubt it. Primo ace is typically dosed at 50mg/ml.

Nasty stuff.