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It’s a common thing right? I took something and now my arm feels like Mike Tyson punched it or I can barely walk after pinning my quad. Whether it’s Tren Ace, DHB, Deca, T400, a blend or PWO, sometimes the shit just hurts.

So PIP or post injection pain is influenced by a few things: prior painful injection experience, how deep you go, concentrate of compound and actually from what I’ve read, age and bodyfat plays a part too. Below is a quick read and link to a study involving high volume IM injections.


Localized tissue damage at the injection site accounts for the pain, redness and sterile inflammation, mostly low grade and readily tolerated, following IM administration of oil vehicle injections. The irritation and inflammatory reactions arise from the intrinsic physicochemical properties of either the drugs, excipients, or vehicle/oil.

Consequently, although post-injection pain is expected after any IM injection, the severity, duration and interference with regular activities may vary between individuals, injections and products, and has been subject to few systematic studies.

This is what I follow for myself:

  1. When injecting anything, my muscles are relaxed and warm.
  2. Anything above 1cc of anything, I inject DEEP in VG or Glute Max. Using either 1” or 1.5” needles.
  3. Any compound concentrated higher than 300mg, I inject DEEP in the VG or Glute Max. Using either 1” or 1.5” needles.
  4. PWO are the same as 2 and 3
  5. Test P, C, E, and Sust concentrated up to 300mg goes into my delts using 1/2” or 5/8” needles.
  6. Nandrolones and Trenbolones, same as 5. Even Acetates, Propionates, or Phenylpropionates. Which are usually 1cc or less in volume.
  7. If I can get by with using insulin syringe/needles I do in my delts and sometimes lats. Up to 1” in lats otherwise.

I haven’t noticed a difference in pain whether I’m injecting slow or fast. Some of you may have though.


Great read POPEYE!

Great read Popeye…thanks.

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Only time I used PWO I used both slin and 25g 5/8. In quad and delt. Worst pip ever.

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Oooo shit the quad most def hurts with a PWO. I can’t do it shew boy. I’ll do the delt on occasion if I’m feeling frisky but like u said…worse pip I’ve ever had. PWOs are the worse

Right on man thank you :call_me_hand:t3:

NP Mikey glad to contribute my brother

Boy do i know all about this one… lol.

Some oils are just a real pain in the arse… or, delt, quad, etc… ya know?


Good one @Popeye

Thanks Big T and hell yea I’m sure you do. With experience comes lots of pain just as long it isn’t just right below the belt there eh. At that point only Jesus can help us

i give my ol lady pip in the butt