What is your favorite thing about your personality??

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Sense of humor.


According to psychologists …There are 4 personality types…

Type A - The Director
-goal oriented
-risk taking
-good under stress

Type B- The Socializer

Type C- The Thinker
-detail oriented

Type D- The Supporter
-task oriented

The human personality is a complex and colorful thing. Although, personalities can change over a lifetime, one’s core personality traits remain consistent throughout.
My favorite part of my personality is being able to adjust to my surroundings. I think I am a mixture of type A and B.


I would have to say my reliability.

Ashley?..myself?..a combo of Type C & D.


i had a female friend tell me once, that my simplicity made things very complex.

ive never understood the type of people who have certain personality traits that they are unaware of or sometimes they are aware of, but they cannot do anything to stop it and it sabotages or destroys relationships. and when you get to know a person like this, you can start to see it coming, and no matter what you do to try and deter it, its going to end the same way. im not saying im perfect, i know i have my issues, but i feel ive always tried to better myself, and acknowledge my downfalls and try to fix them. theres nothing wrong with changing. without change, you cannot grow.
and thats why i always say, be a lobster, live like a lobster.


Loyalty is probably mine . If ur my friend I with to the end .


Great response!!!

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Loyalty brings honor!!! :blue_heart:

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I love people with a good sense of humor…they make everything better!!! :sunglasses:


Being reliable takes extreme dedication!!! :muscle:t3:


Im a C personality and my wife is a D. What would a go with the flow personality be?

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Life’s perception of things. A lot of people look at life in 2D. There is black or white, bad or good. But life is much more multifaceted than it seems.


Resilience… Hands down, my best personality trait is resilience. Over coming adversity… finding a way through it, around it, over it, under it or around it, I always find a way abound, not be crushed by the weight of adversity but to use it as a fuel to keep going and never quit.


Examples of Positive Personality Traits

Positive personality traits manifest themselves in many ways. When a person’s regular behavior exhibits the same positive attributes time and time again, the associated behaviors become definitive of their character. In the examples below, the bold terms represent descriptive words commonly used to convey the positive trait mentioned.

  • Being honest and taking responsibility for your actions are admirable qualities.

  • Adaptability and affability are great traits that can help a person get along well with others.

  • Drive , determination and persistence can help keep a person going no matter what.

  • Compassion , understanding and empathy help a person relate well to others.

  • In addition to being a virtue, patience is a personality trait that’s universally valued.

  • Courage and confidence can help a person choose to do what is right in tough situations.

  • Loyalty is a good quality to possess; it will help others decide that you are trustworthy .

  • Being adventurous and fearless can empower you to be willing to take chances.

  • Having an imaginative and creative nature can help you come up with innovative ideas and unique solutions.

  • Being helpful to others is a personality trait that will cause others to see you as indispensable.

  • Being meticulous and precise means that you’re careful and conscientious.

  • A person who is optimistic tends to look for the bright side of situations rather than forcing on the negative.

  • Someone who is reliable and dependable is an individual that others know they can count on.

  • People who are gregarious , charming or sociable tend to be friendly, outgoing and upbeat.

  • Those who are independent develop a reputation for taking initiative and seeing things through on their own.

  • People who are fair and impartial are viewed by others as being able to make objective decisions not influenced by bias.

  • Those who take an encouraging approach are viewed as being caring and interested in seeing others succeed.

  • People who are humble tend to be viewed as those who can succeed without being arrogant about their accomplishments.

  • If people view you as capable and competent , they tend to trust that you know what you are doing.

  • Those who are exuberant come across as being filled with joy and enthusiasm.

  • People who are discreet are viewed as trustworthy individuals who are respectful of the privacy and dignity of others.

Examples of Negative Personality Traits

What would life be without balance? For the most part, people are not all good or all bad (though there may be some exceptions). Chances are that you, and everyone you meet, have at least a few negative personality traits. Consider some examples of negative attributes. Again, the descriptive words or phrases commonly used to express these traits are bold.

  • A propensity for lying in order to avoid responsibility for one’s actions is a deplorable quality.
  • A tendency to be untruthful or dishonest in your dealings with others is also a negative trait.
  • Being rigid and consistently unyielding to the needs of others are not endearing qualities.
  • Being full of laziness and excuses for failing to meet obligations is sure to drive others away.
  • An inability to empathize with others is a negative personality trait that can alienate others.
  • Being quick to anger will damage relationships and turn people away.
  • Being disloyal , such as talking about others behind their backs or betraying them for personal gain, is among the most negative personality traits.
  • People who are bossy tend to come across as self-centered individuals who disregard the concerns of others.
  • Those who are conceited , pompous or arrogant tend to think that they have all the answers or universally know better than everyone else.
  • Those who are unfriendly are often viewed as disrespectful and/or uninterested in connecting with other people.
  • People who are sullen or surly by nature can be very rude and unpleasant to deal with in a personal or professional capacity.
  • Those who are cowardly exhibit an unwillingness to face adversity head-on or to stand up for what is right.
  • People who tend to be slovenly habitually fail to take care of their appearance or surroundings, and so are viewed negatively by others.
  • People who are quarrelsome or argumentative by nature are more concerned with winning arguments and being right than with finding a solution.
  • Those who are too finicky or picky come across as extreme perfectionists who cannot be pleased no matter what one does.
  • People who tend to be impulsive often act without thinking about the consequences to themselves or others, thus coming across as reckless .
  • Those who are habitually stingy or greedy are viewed by others as selfish individuals who disregard the needs of others.
  • People who are sneaky tend to be deliberately deceptive , factors that most definitely represent negative personality traits.
  • Those who engage in malicious acts deliberately do things that they know will negatively impact other people.
  • Those who are thoughtless act with a total disregard for how their actions might impact other people.
  • Those who behave in an unruly manner are often disruptive and disrespectful and can cause harm to others by their irresponsible actions.

Broad Descriptions: Five Major Personality Factors

The combination of an individual’s personality traits — positive and negative — work together to determine the face they present to the world. Most personality traits can be grouped into one of five broad categories considered to represent the major factors in personality.

  • openness - the extent to which a person has an appreciation for a variety of experiences
  • conscientiousness - the degree to which a person prefers to plan ahead rather than being spontaneous
  • extroversion - the extent to which a person tends to prefer being sociable, outgoing and talkative
  • agreeableness - how strongly a person tends to be kind, sympathetic and happy to assist others
  • neuroticism - the extent to which someone is inclined to worry or be vulnerable or temperamental

People can, of course, learn to adapt and behave in a way that is focused more on what is appropriate in a particular situation rather than what they’d be led to do by their own natural tendencies. For example, someone who tends to be more introverted than extroverted but takes a job as a teacher or salesperson will adapt to behave in a more extroverted way for work. With adaptability, they can definitely do this. However, they may find their work roles more tiring than a person who is naturally extroverted.


The Corps said something about me having some type of personality disorder upon separation…regardless I can’t even afford a personality right now while I’m raising a house full of pre teens 🫡

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An AMERICAN HERO! We thank God and RESPECT ALL OUR TROOPS! Thank you all who have served and support our men and women!


I understand that…are they girls or boys? If its boys…been there done that and if its girls…well, I will say a little prayer for you buddy because you are going to need it…I laugh but its not funny. Hormonal teenagers are something else.

3 girls and 1 is a teenager. The other two are coming up….I have to pump extra testosterone into my body and the extra isn’t even for my personal gain, it’s just to survive :pensive:

Hahah they are great girls and well mannered but I swear they all vicious and unforgiving creatures.

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Bless your heart!!! Yes, girls are a handful. I am thankful that I had boys. I think the good Lord above knew it would be a bad deal if I had a girl. I, initially, wasn’t that bad, well, not until I turned about 16…and then I got a little out of hand, but that is probably because I went from being an ugly child to suddenly getting a lot of attention for what felt like over night. It was as if I woke up one morning a completely different person, my appearance had changed, my hair was fuller and longer, my shape was curvier and I started getting noticed in a crazy way. Not trying to toot my own horn but this is what girls have to look forward to… my mom worked at the sheriffs dept, and I had every state trooper, detective, deputies, including the sheriff himself on my heels. Some were brave enough to try to get my moms permission…others, were much sneakier. I’m not proud to say that I started seeing a married man that sold drugs, and I can not begin to express to yall the amount of hell I went through with that. Luckily, I matured and grew up to realize that I was so much better than that, but he spoiled me with gifts all the time. I got clothes, money, lots of jewelry, my windows tinted, perfume, and he even wrote me poems and would put love letters in my mailbox. We went to concerts and always stayed at the nicest hotels. One time we were at the Hilton in Atlanta GA, and yall will never guess… the San Fransico 49ers football team was there at the same time… I rode the elevator with about 10 of those guys, and they were so big…lol …I was just mesmerized. Anyway, that guy was my first real love and he even left his wife, again, I was young and dumb. He was about 10 years older than I was. That was my first real heart break. All was good until he went back home to her, and at that point, I said, never again. I was not about to be second to anyone. And I realized that he would always go back and forth and even though, it felt like I was dying inside, I was finished. I started dating a state trooper and about a year after we were dating, he got killed in his trooper car. He was flying around a curvy road in the country and lost control of the car and went down an embankment. The car didn’t even look much like a car. That was a sad time. I was 19 yrs old by then. The married dude, ironically has been divorced from his wife for several years now and lives about 3 miles from my house. I see him on occasion and every time he asks for a simple date and I say no and smile and walk away. Girls are a handful, and even though, I was a handful then, I still think I turned out to be pretty damn cool. All of those experiences molded me into who I am. So, you may need something for your nerves, but they do grow out of the heathen stage eventually. :joy: