Beware of Olympus-World
He sent out a 50% off sale after he was branded a scammer and hurt some people.
He is classified as a select scammer .


Thanks DWBO always looking out!

I guess I’m one of few that received product from other board he was on. Running his T400 , Its luckily legit. Pip is brutal without being cut. Sorry to everyone that was scammed and hurt!


Just know he is willing to do it to people, proceed with caution.

I was fucked over as of Dec 10th.Not complaining because I was warned and didnt head.Just a real life experience :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for the information!

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I was soooo close on this one… I was gathering money up to make a large purchase and I would have owed in the end.

If it’s sounds to good to be true… you know?


Me watching a scammer of EPIC proportions re-brand for the 4th time, show up and act all badass… with another hit-and-run-artist in-tow!

“You wanna keep’em safe, keep’em at HOME.” :kissing_heart:

I got scammed a while back. Not by this gentleman, but those fuckers are out there. I learned my lesson though about buying from a source I’m not 100% sure about. That’s the game though.

:smile: its amazing what a hiatus and name change can do for a SCAMMER.

Who are you talking about? Is there new news?

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If you know something, you should put it out there.