Next cycle thoughts

Thinking of my next cycle after being off (no trt) for awhile. Was thinking wk 1-16 test and deca at 250mg and wk 1-6 superdrol at 20mg. How much and what should i use for an AI Aromasin 12.5 on pin days or nolva 10mg eod. Just thoughts. Whats everyone else’s bulks like (stats 26yr old 205lb 14.5% bf and id say intermediate to advanced lifter.)


That’s a tried and true cycle going back decades; And I like ur doses. if it ain’t broke no need to fix it.

if you want you can drop in some low dose tren ace after the orals are up, and run that for about 6 -8weeks along with the test and deca. The synergistic effect of those 3 injectable compounds allows you to get maximum results with minimum doses.

After the tren, I’ll usually finish the cycle with a mild hardener like Anavar to go with the Test/Deca . Equipoise replaced the Deca in this stack later on. Got harder and more lean gains on it.

As far as the AI ~ half of an arimidex ever 3 days was all I ever needed on these low doses then blast some HCG after the cycle

using cycles like this I pushed weight to 270 lbs at 10% BF using 1/3 of what others were using.

Just remember… ur meals count as much as your cycle. To paraphrase Ronnie Coleman, “Everybody wants to get Big, don’t nobody wanna eat to get big”


That’s a pretty basic cycle that works great. Superdrol can be very harsh, that’s not a myth, I’ve used it many times, and it’s not something you can push through. I use a 5 week cycle that is very efficient.
1 week 10mg Ed
2 week 10 or 20ed if feeling good
3 week OFF
4 week 10/20ed
5 week 20ed
You’ll make crazy strength gains, so don’t over do it, easy to get hurt.

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looks good but have u ran superdrol before? 6 weeks is on the longside for superdrol as the sides for some can be extreme.

superdrol is a great drug tho even if the sides suck the gains can still be great.

injectable superdrol for me lowered the side effects i was having so thats something to look into also.

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Definitely harsh from my research so ive got pianas organ defender to help with the liver. I also assume because its an oral suspension its underdosed a little

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It was a freebie and i figured id try it out lol. After a few cycles and trt i learned fast how to feel out my body and keep a journal. The journal of how you feel and what you do is good to look back on

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6 weeks is a lot, but if you use my 2 on 1off 2 on, it keeps everything pretty good.

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sounds like you got it covered. let us know how it goes.


Get rid of the superdrol. Starting off your cycle with this compound is never a wise choice. You don’t want to start a cycle with liver stress and carry it the rest of the way.

Switch to anadrol. It’s safer and more effective and use it at the end once you hit a plateu.


You know ive thought that. I just have the sdrol and my liver is healthy. I supplement like im on cycle even when im not. Liver is our bodys compost.

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Superdrol works. Harsh? We are using steroids here, for a reason, and it’s typically not because we are trying to be mr healthy. 10mg of sdrol is a good dose and It doesn’t matter first of cycle or last of ur cycle in this case, to me anyway. I know a couple women that use SDrol at very low doses as well. No more issues than anything else. Maybe would matter if competing or just personal preference?

I like 700-800mg of mixed ester test with 500-600mg of a nandrolone when trying to gain some muscle mass with some higher cals. A good 4 month run with different esters and some Tren at the end imo. Maybe I would do an oral if I was trying to hit some type of specific goal maybe not. I don’t think it’s the winning key to a cycle for sure.

Ah yea I like Exem overall at 12.5 2x a week or more if my diet sucks.

13% bf and climbing :laughing:


Damn pops your a giant lol. Im not competing so i dont need super doses. But it could be interesting to see what i could get from a few hundred more mg. I just run it low because i feel good and have minimal sides. Only problem with my body im gyno prone. I fucked up and got a lil lump on my right nip

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Same dude, I just like feelin good and looking even better!

Shit gyno yea buddy back a few years ago I ran NPP and Tren Ace together with anadrol and Dbol blend. I chose to NOT run caber and just do p5p. Well at the doses I was running, p5p wasn’t strong enough nor the Asin dose wasn’t big enough either. Luckily I caught it quick and stopped it from getting too bad. Nolvadex and caber saved my soul lol.


I’m not implying it’s a health competition, but if you understand bodybuilding toxicity leads to a worse physique. Stressing your liver and kidneys will cause appetite loss and fatigue and ultimately a seriously visceral problem thus causing death or retirement.

Remaining healthy especially when you’re going through a building phase is crucial. If you can’t eat, sleep and train you won’t grow. Simple as that.


What are you referring to? My reply to Lukas? I don’t recall replying to your comment but hey I’ll entertain it.

I understand bodybuilding :white_check_mark:
*jesus christ I sure hope I’m not perceived as not having knowledge and understanding.

Organ stress (not just liver and kidney but heart and skin and mental too?) is just one factor to worsening a physique :negative_squared_cross_mark:

A lot of things can cause death :negative_squared_cross_mark: I’m not going to isolate two organs for this.

Absolutely 1000% agree with remaining healthy especially going through, but will input any phase :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: and if we can’t eat sleep and train we won’t grow, of course.

Best of luck with your competitions man.


Man you guys are such good gentleman about your shit. Me I was gonna say damn I thought I dick measuring contest was in the works and about to rock the fuck out of it. Oh well I’ll save it for the next one.


:laughing: crazy fuqr measuring stick u mean yard stick


:joy: im dead. Nah seriously thought ive become alot more cautious and im definitely not a body builder and dont compete. I just like to look good thus making me feel good. If i feel slighly off i stop. Ive straight up quit mid cycle probably for nothing. But i run my liver and organ support (rich pianas 5% organ and liver defender). Plus like i said its a oral suspension which i firmly believe most are under dosed/ uneven dosing. My 2 cents lol

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Yeah bro I was gonna say a pissing contest but the blow back from this double decker pecker is like a hydro cannon.

Anyways back to the cool this. Shoot you could trade it off in the trading section if you didn’t want to run it.

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Shit ima run it because im curious. Just have to follow proto.