Newbie question

I’m switching my ped vendor from 1 top tier company I keep seeing on lists here to another top tier on the same list.
I’m not a body builder , I work labor. I’m 40 and my body hurts everyday and I’m not getting out of the labor field anytime soon.

I’m 5’6" 175lbs lean athletic build.

As of now I’m on Test E 250 x 2 week and Turanibol 25mg 2x daily.
I’m switching over in the coming week to Test 400 200 c / 200e , continuing the turanibol (has been a miracle with recovery and stamina for me. Did 6 weeks on then off and now I’m going 6 weeks again)
And I’m adding proviron into the mix.
Ive had almost no sides besides some acne on my shoulders.

Is there anything I should do different , be using instead of or upping or cutting to kinda just maintain keeping going.
Again I’m not upset about the aesthetic end result I’m getting as well but my use has been purely to keep my machine moving to keep bringing in money to live.


For your goals of feeling better and helping your body be more efficient as you get older, you have the right idea. No need to over do it. Tbol is an interesting choice, but I see your logic. It’s an athletes steroid, so if your physically active all day, it’s a good choice. Proviron will be a great addition also, I use it always, 25mg a day. Maybe use anavar in between the tbol cycles. It’s great for helping your body use food as efficiently as possible.


What kind of pain/soreness are you feeling? If it’s joint pain/soreness adding low dose deca might help.


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I have some joint issues and have purchased npp but I was trying to get not add a bunch of stuff. My concern about deca and nnp is that since both kinda help mask the pain and lubricate that I’ll end up doing something at work to further hurt myself.
I work in a lumber yard so it’s a lot of jerking and pulling motions and lots of deadlifts with load bearing beams.

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Dude you are talking my language! I love Test, TBOL and Proviron.

This is a great mix. My only issues with TBOL is Bp so watch for it.

Increases potassium rich foods or even add supplement low dose, citrus bergamot, celery seed, garlic and fish oil.


I’d say add hgh to your list of things . Probably will help a lot with the labor toll on your body bro


I’d agree with the others here, but I’d definitely consider a small amount of eq for the endurance benefits. That’s if you don’t experience any raised bp , or hematocrit, but I’d assume a low dose 200-300 would be fine. It increases collagen synthesis for your joints.