Needs inspiration & motivation

This has been a pretty shitty week mentally. Not for any reason in particular, just in a funk. What do you guys and girls do to snap out of it and get out of the darkness?


Man I hate to hear that but damn if I can’t relate right now. Not comparing but I do get it.

I like reading over my notes. I have quotes and speakers ideas. Motivation and outlooks. Philosophies.

“Don’t wish life were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”
-Jim Rohn

One of my favorites during such time.

Keep kicking ass big brother


Interesting your brought that up. Last night it was pretty late, I got up to get some water and the youngest was still up and wanted ice cream. So as I made it she was telling me about a book she was reading. It made me think of this piece of cardboard I have, it’s actually from a stint in county jail and part of a nutty buddy box I used to write down quotes and phrases I thought were interesting. I didn’t tell her the jail part, but she thought they were interesting to and wanted to keep it. Maybe she will keep it another 23 years or more​:man_shrugging:t3:

I think a lot of my funk is from a lawsuit my wife is going through. We opened a kitchen design and sales showroom a few months ago, and her ex boss is suing her for violation of non-compete. His case is complete bullshit, but Florida is the worse place for fighting these and lawyers are expensive af. So even tho business is good, we can’t do anything until it’s hopefully dismissed. The stress is changing her, but I know it’s not permanent, and I got her back no matter what.


Gotta love the kiddos that’s one thing that can slow things down. We can be so wrapped up we dismiss that. I know I can anyway. Life just consumes simplicity at times and fucks it all up.

Oooh yea that’s a touchy subject. Stress is a killer and I think for me personally it’s when I lose control over something. The whole alpha thing. I don’t like that feeling but sometimes things have to happen.

Side note: love Florida and we are planning a Christmas vacation down there near Okaloosa Island. Usually hit the keys but wanted something closer this year.


I will second the kids are probably the only thing that have helped pull me out of some of my darkest times. I have a few pages on Facebook i follow that put out some pretty good quotes that have really thrown some perspective my way. And believe it or not a few of you assholes on here have helped mores than y’all may know. Popeye for sure has helped me a few times of nothing else by listening and offering some real world insight with out having a dog in the fight.


Our youngest is my only biological kid, and I love my other kids just as much, but it is different. You can see yourself come out in them sometimes, and it really makes you think, a lot of good things and occasionally those little things that can make you cringe. But I think recognizing those moments and making the effort inside yourself to stop that cycle is really important as a parent. I never want my kids to have to go through what I did growing up. Just because my upbringing was shitty, doesn’t mean they have to suffer for it.


Man I feel you completely on the kids. My wife and I have 3 of our own but have had her POS sisters child the last year. According to the state we live in we have full guardian ship. Raising a child that is not yours and trying to teach a kid respect and such that has had no upbringing is hard. It has been a bad struggle for me and has caused many issues. I know it’s best for the kid but it has changed all of our lives and has been hard. There has been a few moments were I was ready to throw the towel in and walk away from the situation and just focus on my kids. That may make me a shitty person but the struggle is real and daily but I keep my head up and keep trying.


that is very hard, trying to raise and nurture a kid whos already been raised wrong. so frustrating. be strong, and sometimes best thing to do is just stop talking, walk away, and start fresh in the morning. kids can push buttons and as an adult, it can be so hard to deal with