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I’m having some shoulder pain issues and was looking into some BPC-157 and TB500 and I ran across a nasal spray blend. Do you think that would work? Or is it garbage? Was curious what some of you think, here’s the link I stumbled on.

For musculoskeletal injuries bcp157 needs site injected for most effectiveness, tb500 can be used site specific or systemic. I hope this info helps brother.


Agreed with above. I coupled BPC, TB and some low dose GH after having surgery on my foot. It healed almost a month sooner after having the same surgery on the other foot two years prior. My orth MD was impressed on fast it healed.


All I’ve read coincides with the above statements. When I had shoulder issues I sight injected BPC-157 and did TB-500 and HGH sub-Q in the abdomen. I was good to go after about 8 weeks.

Thank you for the info, I’ve had this nagging shoulder pain for years, I’ll look into the injectable peptides, there are some good sources here.

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@madisonjamesresearch @Ashley talk to them, they have a few options


Will do, thank you!!

How much bcp157 needs to be injected at the site each time? And how often?

This is the protocol I used post surgery on my foot. I added low dose GH at 2iu ED. Using this schedule my foot healed over a month sooner after having the same surgery on the other foot two years prior.

TB 500 and BPC-157 Cycle for Total Body Repair

This protocol utilizes a total of 55mg TB-500 (11 x 5mg vials) and 20mg BPC 157 (4 x 5mg vials) with a 3 week loading phase followed by a 5 week maintenance phase. Note that the BPC-157 dosage amounts are in micrograms (mcg).

Loading Phase

Week 1 - Week 3:

Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 500mcg
Tuesday & Wednesday: BPC-157 500mcg
Thursday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 500mcg
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: BPC-157 500mcg
Maintenance Phase

Week 4 - Week 8:

Monday: TB-500 2.5mg / BPC-157 250mcg
Tuesday & Wednesday: BPC-157 250mcg
Thursday: TB-500 2.5mg / BPC-157 250mcg
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: BPC-157 250mcg

Loading Phase: In weeks 1 through 3, the total weekly dose of 10mg TB-500 ensures a rapid initial buildup of Thymosin Beta 4 for immediate healing and recovery as well a weekly total dose of 3.5mg (3,500mcg) BPC-157 to further stimulate recovery and provide added support for joint and connective tissue (tendon and ligament) healing.

Maintenance Phase: Week 4 begins the maintenance portion of the Total Body Repair cycle with a total weekly dose of 5mg TB-500 and a weekly total dose of 1.75mg (1,750mcg) BPC-157. This continues through week 8 and the end of the cycle.

Again, this cycle is a guideline based on real world results


Any questions?.. I’ll do my best to help.

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Great little discussion on this topic going on currently between myself, @kubes and @Popeye

Never seen a spray. Not saying it’s not legit as I have no idea. But inject for me was great. I did shoulder with bpc and tb years ago and loved it. Also 2iu gh. Ask @kubes hes doing it now.

I always researched that both peptides are far more effective when administered locally.


I approve this message.

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More than likely trash. Bpc-157 was originally synthesized to be taken orally for IBS and Crohn’s disease which later was found to helpful with other inflammatory issues. I have over a decade experience in using both tb and bpc. My advice would be save your money trying to take both and buy enough Tb from a reliable source so you can take it at a dose that makes a drastic difference. A guy posted a protocol on here for tb and bpc combined but imo I’d just run the tb exactly how he layed it out. As far as a reliable source. IA superpharam has the purest and truest Tb-500 I’ve taken and, I’ve taken a small pallet of it over the years for multiple different injuries and nagging ailments.