My cycle to go pro in 2022

Hey guys just checking in with you. I posted my currently cycle on my prep log but I wanted to get it out there again for more to see and go in depth to why I’m doing what I’m doing. Right now I’m 1 week out from WBFF Dallas and the goal is clearly to go pro. If I do go pro I’ll be competing at the World Championship in Las Vegas on August 13th. If not I’ll be competing again as an amateur in Vegas on August 12th.

So far this has been by far my best prep and cycle to date. I started 20 weeks ago at 242 pounds at 12-13% BF. I’m now 229 pounds at roughly 5.5-6% body fat. For this cycle I did have help from John Jewett and Vigorous Steve so I want to give them credit as they helped me tweak it. So enough talking here’s the cycle as of 3 weeks out until now.

All the gear is from Exogen.

Pinning 3x per week W/F/Su

375 test C/E weekly

150 tren A weekly

600 primo E weekly

600 mast E weekly

50mg var ED

50mg winstrol ED

37.5mcg t3/50mcg t4 ED

60mcg clen ED

3iu GH am/pm

1 metformin 500mg before bed

Very little sides. I added the low dose tren last week and my weight and strength jumped up a bit. Zero sides at this dosage which was my goal. I won’t be going up because I think tren is overused and abused.

I’m leveraging more DHT drugs to get that final hard look. Test is set at a relatively lower dosage than usual since I prefer 500mg a week myself but I wanted to keep estrodial under control without using an AI.

Winstrol and Var I’m doing sublingual for better absorption and less liver stress. These with the tren have really helped me maintain my strength this last few weeks. I’m still extremely strong.

GH has been steady at 6IU a day. I’ll drop GH Wednesday 3 days out from the show to reduce some water retention. Clen will be dropped Wednesday as well. For those of you who don’t know clen makes it difficult to carb up and can remain in your system for a couple days so that’s why I’m dropping it 3 days out.

Metformin is helping blood sugar at the end of the night after all my meals.

The only thing I might change for Worlds is increasing thyroid a little bit to come in a little leaner. Other than that I’m happy with how everything is going.

LMK what you think.


Keep us posted and good luck! Love seeing people showing what they’re actually doing to get in that competition condition

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Awesome my man. Best of luck at the show!!!


I wish you well at your show, GET SOME!

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Won my class and my pro card everyone!

Now I’m jumping into the World Championship to compete against the best in the world in August!


Congratulations and good job man!

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Holy shit!!! Congratulations. That’s huge!!!:medal_sports:


Congrats MJK :facepunch:t2: All on EXO gear, LOVE IT!!!


Ended up competing at 237-238 lbs peeled!


Dude! Huge congrats :facepunch:t2:

Any pics?


congrats !! awesome accomplishment !! :sunglasses:


I will have to post some for sure don’t worry.


Cool beans :facepunch:t2:

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