Most effective exercises for building your legs

Here are some most effective exercises to build strong legs-

BARBELL SQUAT- The squat is the undisputed exercise king because it is large, powerful, and all-encompassing. Any lower body workout should include both the front and back barbell squat variations. The squat is difficult but well worth the effort when performed with a full range of motion, correct foot and knee alignment, and attention to maintaining your midsection stability.

BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT- The Bulgarian split squat is difficult to master, but after you’ve got it down and are a pro, it’s time to step it up and add something new. Due to the added pressure, the band is putting on your leg, perform reps as usual but extremely slowly. Try 3 sets of 10–12 repetitions on each leg.

ROMANIAN DEAD-LIFT- The Romanian dead-lift is the father of posterior leg development because it works your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Leg curls are excellent, but nothing compares to the strain Romanian dead-lifts place on the hamstrings.

LUNGE- When it comes to lower body development, nothing is more varied than the lunge. The ideal exercise for creating functional strength throughout the entire leg and for etching in fine detail is the lunge.

GLUTE/HAM RAISE- The glute/ham raise, which is typically done on the floor while someone holds your feet or on a bench with your feet firmly tucked under a pad, is another exercise that really hammers your hamstrings.

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I normally tell people to do what they suck at. Works for every muscle group lol

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