More info on YK-11

I’m looking for more info on YK-11.

Scientific or personal. Thank you.

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The only time I’ve ran it was inject form and it was a beast. Well I started three weeks into inject lgd so hard to tell but for sure shit for wild when I started the yk-11. Having insomnia like tren for like 11 days I fell asleep at a bus stop sitting down while walking home lol. Anyways I hear it’s an actual steroid and DHT as well. Also I heard it can compete and win in receptors. Again all things I’ve heard or watched the truth in it idk.


Your question is still vague


  • are you asking about the biochemical mechanisms?

  • are you asking about the risks?


  • are you asking for first hand experience / side effects of YK-11?

  • are you asking for personal opinions on YK-11? As in recommendations or not?

  • are you asking about dosing?

  • are you asking about availability?

There are a lot of subtopics for this

No recommendations or availability. Just looking for science on it and personal experience. that’s all :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

This is the latest study I have seen on it.

If I remember right they give mice ecoli and and test different dosages of yk11 to see how it effects muscle wasting.

I have no personal experience with it at this time and will probably never run it oral or solo but I do plan on running it along side of some other oral steroids at some point to try and take advantage of the myostatin blocking ability’s.

Thank you!