More Developments in Crypto Regs

Short summary:

  • President Biden on Wednesday signed the Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.

  • Many within the crypto industry are optimistic it will lead to clearer regulations and a fair approach toward assets.

  • Others argue the order lacks substance or is too focused on central bank digital currencies.

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F him :fu:t2: That’s how I feel about him and his Presidency :laughing:


I think he should go sit in the corner and shit his pants!

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I sit and wonder what will emerge as an unregulated and untracked option to turn to as these regulations increase.

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The banks hate crypto cuz people can make money. This is a USD bank squeeze masked as “helping” the small investor; e.g. gotta be an “accredited investor” to make any real money in your life. Where else can you make 14% return in one month?

This is just the next step to a SINGLE, govt tracked digital currency.
The others will be eliminated.

Its no co-incidence they refer to the mechanisms as “blocks & chains”…

They used those to enslave humanity in the low tech era. :wink:

  1. Dollar crash
  2. Crypto crash
  3. CBDCs
  4. “No man shall buy or sell without the mark.”

Going fast boys.
Invest in tangible goods now.

Between the currency demolition, the inflated prices & supply chain breakdowns… You arent going to care about money.

You’re going to want secure access to food, water, power, transportation, medicines & self-defense tools.

Get them now.

We got 1-3 years tops depending on how fast they orchestrate things.


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Man Brother That Aint No Shit!!!