Mjk7 2022 Bodybuilding Prep Cycle

Road to Pro 2022.

Alright guys here’s my cycle log for my 2022 competition season starting on 2/21/22. Last year I did NPC classic physique and missed my pro card by 1 placing. I had to really pull water with diuretics to even make my 212 weight class which is very dangerous for kidney function which made me nervous. That being said I couldn’t gain any muscle this off-season, and what’s the fun in that? So I said fuck the NPC.

My girlfriend and I are switching to the WBFF and our first competition is in July. We chose this comp because it’s a month before the WBFF world championships. The goal is to win the comp in Dallas and go pro and then compete as a pro in the world championship and win it. The “Male muscle” category is similar to NPC classic physique except it was no weight cap! Which means this years building season I was actually able to push growth. I’ll post pictures when I get deep into prep!

Last year I started my competition prep at 227lbs and ended at 210lbs. This year I’ll be starting 15lbs heavier at 242lbs. I actually put on 15lbs in a 7 month building season because I didn’t have to hold back to accommodate a weight cap. So here’s my current cycle and I’ll update this first post as I go on and decide what the next move is. This will also be the first year I’ll be using GH because I don’t have to cut weight so that’s exciting.

Macros are as followed:
2/21/22- 250p/370c/80f.

Weeks 1-5
500mg test C/E Exo
400mg primo E Exo
300 NPP Exo
3 IU GH am & pm. 6 IU total
-No AI unless it’s indicated by gyno.
-No orals. I usually only use them pre workout on the second half of the cycle.
-Since hypertrophy is the goal I’m leaning towards more anabolic steroids and less androgenic steroids.

Weeks 6-11 (coming soon)


Get them gains brother :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Well I’m in. Something tells me I’m going to learn a lot from this log. Wishing you nothing but the best on your path.

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Hell yeah man get it! Will be following along.


:100: following! Good luck :facepunch:t2:

EXO representing, SALUTE :triangular_flag_on_post:

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It’s starting out boring and conservative I know, but it will get a lot better on the second half.


Have you ever cycled primo in the past? I personally would never run less than 600/wk. For me and for most IMO it best ran at high dosages to see it’s awesome benefits.


Nope. This is my first stab at it.

But, my plan was to start conservative for the first 5 weeks. I came off gear cold turkey prior to this so I’ll grow even with this lower dose. Plus, my calories are still over 3,000 a day so very low chance of any atrophy even with this baby cycle.

But, after 5 weeks I will be bumping all 3 compounds up 50% most likely so I’ll be at 600mg per week. By then I’ll be a bit leaner and calories will be lower. I’m also letting the GH build up and do it’s thing at 6iu a day.

All in all, yes I’ll be cranking it up.


I’m halfway through week 3 and so far so good. Bodyweight is holding at 243 and I’m changing at a great pace. Not too fast or slow. Physically and mentally I feel great. Calories are still at 3,200 per day and I’ll be dropping to 3,000 week 5.


I decided to drop calories down to 3,000 per day starting week 4. I finally had a weight drop and I’m 241.4 now. Despite weight not changing my body composition is changing faster than it ever has. Gear will be increased after week 5.

320 c
80 f.

Current cycle:
500 test
400 primo
300 npp
40mg var pre leg days.
1 Arimidex per week.


Calories will be at 3,000 per day for 2 more weeks. My weight has dropped to 239.6 lbs with improved body composition. Next drop to 2,800 calories per day should really speed up the fat loss process. Currently 16 weeks out as of now.

Cycle has changed to this per week.
750 test
600 primo
450 app
40mg var on 3 training days per week pre work.
3iu gh am/pm
3 Arimidex per week on the days I pin.


Damn man nice set up and solid weight big bro!

I’m going to start posting some photos when I’m around 10 weeks out.


Nice! We will be waiting……

Somehow I’m not losing any muscle on this prep. Must be the exogen this time. 6 weeks into prep and I’m holding 240.6.


Don’t forget the pics!

Oh I’ll be putting those up in May for sure. Just want to get a little deeper in here so you guys can actually see what I look like.

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Good news and bad news.

Good news is the drop to 2,800 calories has produced results. Within the almost 2 weeks of dropping calories I’ve been able to drop 4 lbs so that means we’re in a perfect deficit. Currently sitting at 236lbs am fasted.

Bad news is I’m aromatizing too much. Even with 3-4 Arimidex a week I can’t combat the estrogen. I don’t want to go into the show battling gyno.

I’m going to lower my test dosage from 750mg a week back down to 500mg per week. I’ll be swapping the 450mg npp per week for 400mg Masteron. And I’ll probably bump the primo up from 600mg a week to 900mg per week. I’m definitely loving primo thus far btw. I’ll also be dropping anavar from the cycle for now. I’ll use it later. I’m going to switch to pharmaceutical 50mg anadrol tabs pre workout on training days after I switch the injectables.

So next week the cycle will be changing. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to see the difference visibly. Mid May all these changes should be in full effect and I’ll be posting pictures.


As promised I’m posting my check-ins. I’m almost 10 weeks out and I feel like I’m right on track, if not a bit early. I’ve been sick the last week and took a deload week from training so training and food have been lower but my body feels refreshed. My weight dropped 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks but I think some of it is glycogen from last of training and food. Also, gyno has been destroyed within 2 weeks of changing my cycle. But happy with size and conditioning with 10 long weeks to go!
10 weeks out wbff dallas pic 1.HEIC

Currently I’m 232 lbs fasted in the morning.
Calories are 2,800 per day. 260p/300c/55f.

Test E/C 500mg per week.
Mast E 400mg per week.
Primo 900mg per week. Loving primo so far.
50mg anadrol on training days.
3iu GH AM/PM

Once I plateu or strugg
10 weeks out wbff dallas pic 2.HEIC
le on weight loss I’ll add in T3/T4.
Uploading: 10weeks out wbff dallas pic 3.HEIC…
10weeks out wbff dallas pic 3.HEIC


nice update! been hoping to see how its going.