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This is Beautiful!!! Thank you Brother’s!!!

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Can we say Go Brandon!!!??


noooo (has to be 20 characters)


I’m for it​:joy::joy::joy: it pretty much sums up his legacy

Would you fuck Bailey Jay?!?!? I would. If you don’t know who “she” :yum: is and you look her up you can’t deny she is hottttt.

Just trying to get this thread poppin baw!

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Cars that fly or underground tunnels or something else

Why about all social media and smartphones just disappearing? Lol. Light suck at first then things would improve

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i read 1 comment in here and i know whos on tren base. and i dont think anyone will answer that question. not in fear of exposing their use of tren but in fear of …

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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I mean “she” is cute, but shes a transgender. So that means absolutely nothing on her body is natural to that of a woman.


Speaking of cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, he’s specifically into that, so he’s aware

But devaluing a part of someone because they weren’t born a certain way is kinda terrible — no different than saying “but she was born poor” or “but she was born insert minority race here

If it’s not your thing, that’s fine, but there’s a difference between not liking a thing and looking down on a thing you don’t like

Lots of things are naturally part of someone that aren’t great. As a society, we still try to move past genetic diseases or mutations, stopped torturing those with mental development disorders, and made it a policy to improve people’s quality of life — despite how they were born. It’s not like there’s a screen before you’re born where you get to choose.

Some people like me are born with both male and female organs (46,XX/46,Xy chimerism in my case, meaning I have to take progesterone for life in order to not have periods.) Even going by my external parts, I’m testosterone insensitive…it does nothing for me, my cells at a microscopic level do not have sensitivity to testosterone. Those like myself really don’t have a lot of options.

And if we go the route of “living how you were born”, it wasn’t very long ago (and still happens to this day) where the idea of being born with a vagina means you can’t own property, decide your own future, follow your passions, or be much else other than a baby factory. We’ve evolve past the whole “this is what you are and you can only do things that we allowed those in the past like you to do” phase.

My point is we’re trying to evolve past those things. And it eventually won’t matter when we have commonplace modification of our bodies (beyond plastic surgery and prosthetics) as is the inevitable endpoint as technology advances.

We’re literally on a forum about injecting sex hormones into your body because you want to go past your natural development and have the body of your dreams.


Very well said. :sunglasses:

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My baby. I love LAtgirl​:kissing_heart:

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