How to get rid of hiccups?

How do u get rid of hiccups? I have never had them this long. It has been 12 hours straight now. What would cause this? Anyone ever had this happen?

17 hours was my longest, i even fell asleep and still had them. Nothing worked that time because I was on pain meds and probably Xanax. But normally sit down, suck in as much air as possible, put a pencil in your mouth across the front like a dog bone, then fold over with your. Torso as far down between your knees as possible, then try to suck more air, and hold your breath. It should “reset” your diaphragm.

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Baclofen (Lioresal) is specifically useful for the relief of spasms and will stop your hiccups in under 30mins

Shit I would try GasX or something .
Can’t be good .
Good luck


Holding your breath and drinking water from the far side are known as the best methods to physically stop your diaphragm from moving — in the same way that pulling a cramped muscle apart quells the cramp

Longer than 48 hours and it’s considered a medical problem


This is crazy to see this post. I just had them for 4 days fucking straight and thought I was going to lose my mind. Baclofen from dr is supposed to relieve them. What I found was frozen fruit, blended with milk and protein provided me with some temporary relief like no hiccups for 30 mins to an hour. I began to believe the cold relaxed the airway enough to allow smooth breathing. Literally was losing my mind. Google searches showed me all shorts of shit too like can be caused by tren, could be an indicator of Covid. You know like using web md and they tell you the flu is gonna kill you type shit. I’m sorry I know they are miserable. If it persists I would go see the doc.

Usually downs in diaphragm. Best to hold breath. Meds help but it’s a spasm so if you give it a break it works.

Or stand on your head naked, click your heels 3x, not 4, stick your tongue out, inject Tren Base, get a blow job and that usually works.


Then inverted tren base blowjob always works. Change your name to Dr XXL sir.

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It really sucks. I have already tried gas X. I just took a nap right after I posted. My woke me up for dinner and it startled me, not sure if that was it or the sleep but I didn’t have until I got done eating. Now I’m miserable. This has been all day and now I have them with a full stomach! Sucks!!!

Damn 12 and 17 hours that’s got to drive a person crazy

I get them frequently myself. I read all about them also and one thing that has helped me is pickle juice. the upside down water thing also. It’s very annoying and i like you have also had them for a full day and sometimes stretches into the next day.
Fuckin sucks…

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Hold your breath and…push a fart…that will reset the diaphragm :grin::+1:

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If you live in a state where you can buy Bronkaid, that will do it. I’ve been in and out of pain management for years due to several surgeries, so I’ve had hiccups that lasted too long several times, most likely from the pain narcotics. Anyway I researched and found the active ingredient of Bronkaid to be effective, and it sure was.

Didn’t know this. Very interesting. Its used in some asthma stuff.

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My brother-in-law has had hiccups going on about 2 yrs now non stop it would drive me nuts! Maybe staying on tren may have gave it to him but he had a surgery few months back and helped for like a week and back doing it again…sucks I feel for him

Peanut butter. It has always worked for me. Good luck, never had a 12 hour episode.

Works every time :joy:
Dr. X