How often you should train legs for maximum growth?

How often you should train legs for maximum growth ?

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That depends on the persons goals. If your life is utter chaos and always on the go you dont have nearly the time to devote to training, nutrition, and recovery vs someone who purposefully devoted as much time as possible to the same goal.

Since were all chasing muscle here though, I’d say as often as your recovery capabilities let you.

I’d say twice a week but that’s me

Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates disagree … once a week for 35 to 45 minutes lol :wink:

Personally I do em every 5- 7 days but it takes me like 3 days before I can even walk correct again after training them…

Not to many put in hard enough to do it once a week

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Damn im even lucky enough to train legs or have a good leg session at my gym because all them young buck girls keep hogging the squat rack and all they do is this stupid hip thrust every day thinking they’ll get a nice ass. Shit! Most of them are doing them wrong anyways and all i do is walk away

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I’ve told myself I will not be a dude riding a chicken. But saying that my job fucks my legs up pretty good so just depends on the week most is on d a week sometimes twice if the week allows and work was easier.