How drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day improves your health

If fat people drink 450 milliliters of cranberry juice every day, their insulin sensitivity increases slightly, and their cholesterol levels improve. American researchers at Washington State University come to this conclusion in a human study published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

The researchers divided 78 healthy but overweight or obese test subjects into 2 groups. The test subjects were 30-70 years old and had a BMI of 27-35.

One group drank a placebo every day for 8 weeks, the other drank 450 milliliters of low-calorie cranberry juice every day. You can see the composition of the juice here.

The juice was made by the American company OceanSpray, an organization of and for cranberry growers. [] OceanSpray sponsored the study.

According to another sponsored human study, cranberry stimulates the immune system a little, so that flu viruses seem to have a little less impact. In yet another, also sponsored human study, cranberry reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.

The bioactive substances in cranberry are probably phenols. In fundamental research conducted on nematodes, these phenols appear to have a life-prolonging effect.

The researchers found more NO [NO] and less of the blood-constricting hormone endothelin 1 [ET-1] in the blood of the subjects who drank cranberry juice than in the blood of the placebo group. However, those differences were not significant.

After 8 weeks the subjects in the experimental group produced slightly less insulin than the subjects in the placebo group. This difference was statistically significant.
After 8 weeks, the concentration of ‘good cholesterol’ HDL was 8 percent higher in the experimental group than in the placebo group.

“In conclusion, consumption of a low calorie, high polyphenol cranberry beverage reduced risk or cardiovascular disease risk factors by improving redox status, vasodilation, glucose homeostasis, and HDL cholesterol in healthy overweight/obese adults,” the researchers summarize.

Source: Eur J Nutr.


Good read brother I have one every other meal. I picked that up in the vertical diet. Lol I love how you start this out, “if fat people” :laughing:


Nice read. I have to water mine down a bit. I get acid reflux at times.

Love cranberry juice… now I want it more

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Been drinking cranberry juice for years. Love it! Thanks for the post… good read

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Huge fan! Hard to find decent priced not from concentrate but I found one.
$8/30.oz but you can make a gallon out of it, its so pure.
A $8/gallon, clean… Its a good deal.