Homemade chicken/bone broth

I work outside 10 hours a day and it's hot here , averaging 90f the past few weeks. I'm on Test prop eod , masteron eod and I'm having a real hard time eating with the heat. I'm getting 2 pretty good meals in but between 9am and like 4pm I just can't eat real food so I'm not growing like I would like. I supplement with a few protein drinks but I know it's not enough.
Would adding homemade broth help fill some of the gaps ? I guess anything is better than nothing but is it worth all the time or should I try a weight gainer instead?

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Not sure it will replace a meal, or fill gaps calorie wise, but my mom and wife does the beef bone broth quiet often. Supposed to be good for you.

I do meal bars, pop tarts, fruit and beef jerky that are easy to eat and I keep them frozen or in the fridge when it’s the hotter months.

If I’m cutting I’ll skip breakfast and get that 14-16 hour fast in then eat a bunch of smaller meals but it’s not required. Just gotta pack the food in anyway u can. Larger servings if ur not adding size.

IMO :+1:t3:

I agree with @Popeye on the meal bars. Carry a few around with you each day. It should help got some of those calories you are missing.

i don't believe its a complete protein and see no reason to add it in to help your goal of getting your calories. i have worked outdoors in the heat for years. i would suggest
Isopure glass bottles as your protein. blue raspberry is good. this is clear protein and go's down like gatorade not a shake. so will be easy when your hot and sweating but not necessary hungry. its 40g of protein per bottle but i do believe they may be switching to smaller bottles of 30g. there is no carbs so you will need a carb source. i'm going to suggest karbolyn fuel. its fast but also sustained and will last. again this will go down like gatorade so will be easy to stomach.

i would still try and get some food in half way through your day. find foods that are easy to eat and small. if your having a hard time with appetite then don't force your self to eat a huge meal at one time. eat small like a couple of hard boiled eggs. you need more then protein though you need fat and carbs. your out there burning all those calories man for 10 hours a day you'll never gain weight you'll just be conditioned from working a blue collar job

eat real food breakfast at home before a shake. drink your shake on the way to work. time it where the shake is gone buy the time you get to work.

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Hit the nail on the head brother. Blue collar work can be hard to figure out. But not impossible. I like the idea for the Isopure that sounds like a good idea for sure. Karbolyn helps for sure I have on after my breakfast after a protein shake then sometime after lunch as well. Fruits are easy for me to eat during the day they help my mouth not feel like a desert (grapes, mango, pineapple, apple, banana). Also rice cakes with some peanut butter is an easy one for me.

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If anyone knows it’s this man :arrow_down: Awesome big bro

good idea ! fruit would be easy to stomach if not hungry