Hobbies -What keeps your sanity in check

What do you like to do in your spare time? We all try to have something that we do for ourselves, to escape from the responsibilities of every day life.

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I used to play drums in a metal band. So I do that sometimes in my spare time. I’m reading a sports nutrition book from time to time too. And I do mental health counseling!


Mine is hunting and reading.

Building my library and engaging in a variety of practices that connect me to something much larger than myself

Hiking and reading my kindle….

….with a dip…and a whiskey.

Smoking meat. Making homemade pizza. Buying selling and trading sneakers and high end clothing. Traveling. Parenting. I also love doing yard work and projects/upgrades on the house.

Reading and listening to music. I need to start fishing more now that the weather is warming up. Also I’ve been getting into the hiking thing

I really enjoy cooking and hiking. Need a new pair of boots thinking about it

Many years ago I lived in the middle of some mountains and would hike all the time.

Do you only do day hikes or do you do the multiple day hikes where you’re living out of the backpack?

Day hikes typically. Overnight hikes/camping just reminds me of my time in the army so I don’t do it often