HGH first time use

I’ve been on supplements for a while now, but i have never, but always wanted to, use HGH, I’ve lost alot of size to fall that almost ended my life and Im ready to get back on track. I’m 39, 5’10" or so, 156lbs trying to get back to around 187 to 190lbs. What is the best HGH to use or start with. Also, what exactly do i need to have, on hand, to do it with? Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

First here are some links regarding HGH discussion here on the forum

My own experience:

  1. Generic HGH is fine. Many sources here. Or can use pharma grade, like from Lilly. I’ve used both but I am fine with paying less for generic for my intentions.
  2. Titrate up from .5-1iu to 4iu-8iu. Easy to do.
  3. Be careful reconstituting it with bac water—could possibly crash the peptide.
  4. Order enough to run around 6 months or more.
  5. More isn’t better at first. U will see what I’m talking bout if u do.
  6. Be patient it takes some time. I’d say 2 years on/off use u can see some “major” differences depending on dosage and every other link to the puzzle like diet and routine. Results can be expected within a couple of months.
  7. Sleep is good. I remember being tired at first and hungry as hell for a few weeks.
  8. Keep a log/check on blood glucose levels daily.

If I could afford it I would run it as often as I could. I feel great on it and it seems I can eat like a horse and still lose bodyfat while getting bigger.




Pretty easy once you get what is needed and in the routine of regular implementation. Need to commit to running it for many months for best results.