Help transitioning to Dr. Managed TRT

Hey All, long story not so short I’ve been managing my own TRT since mid 2019. Landed on 150 mg test e in divided doses, 75 Monday, 75 Thursday. I take 12.5 of aromasin on pin days and it has worked well. My blood pressure however has spiked to dangerous levels. I’ve seen diastolic readings of a 100! Been getting headaches and shortness of breath at times. I had a complete blood count back in November and my hematocrit was 49, just above the normal limit of 48. I’m sure it’s even higher now. My hemoglobin was at the upper limit of normal at 17. I tried to donate but my blood pressure was too high so they turned me away. I’m thinking that my blood has become more viscous and that is driving the higher pressures. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs of any kind. I slashed my sodium intake and have a very healthy diet. Prior to managing my own TRT and blasting on occasion my blood pressure was great. Usually 116/60’s.
I decided to come clean with my doc. He’s a good guy. In fact he is the one who suggested a labs to check test levels back in 2019. I came back at 330 then. He offered to put me on pellets, patches or straight up test cyp. Instead I joined BOP and had at it myself.
I met with him this week and explained the above. He agrees that the high hematocrit is to blame. The plan now is to stop my current routine and get my levels down below 400 so that he can medically justify getting me on TRT. He suggested washing out for 10 days and then getting labs. Based on the half life of test e and the studies I’ve read it seems this would do the trick but wanted to check with the experts here. I’d hate to go get labs and come back normal and have to do it again or wash out too long and really crash my levels to nothing. He also sent me to a specialist to discuss how how to get some blood out of me and lower RBC count despite the BP issue.

Any input appreciated, thanks guys!

You might need a lower dose, spend on your TT but I use 150mg and stay around 800. I don’t need any Asin, neither should you. Well IMO you shouldn’t on that dose.

With BP it has a ton to do with:

  1. Stress, alcohol, Tobacco
  2. How much you move? You hit the gym but do you go for walks during the day? You should.
  3. Hydration
  4. Do Aerobic cardio 3-5x a week for at least 40min. Not slow and long but intervals. Lighter weights in gym.
  5. Supplements:
    1200mg garlic
    1000mg citrus Bergamot
    1500mg psyillium
    1000mg celery seed
    Fish oil
    Vitamin E

Doctors have set guidelines they have to follow to cover their asses. Take a break and see if your bp goes low enough to donate. Hopefully it does and it should help a bunch. Add cialis 5-10mg eod and donate as often as you can. You’ll be good to go.

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Hey man, appreciate the input! I don’t drink, use tobacco or smoke weed.
I am on my feet most of the day. I walk 3.5 miles of hills 5 days a week. I also am a single father to my disabled daughter who is 8 years old and 95 pounds. She doesn’t walk well anymore so I have to lift her and carry her up and down the steps throughout the day. I am not the sedentary type. I work from home but have a sit stand desk and hate to sit for extended periods.
I’ve gotten away from heavy lifting. I just had an MRI and have 4 herniated discs in my neck, stenosis, arthrosis and bone spurs on multiple cervical vertebrae. A lifetime of use and abuse has left me no choice but to lift light, high reps, slow and controlled. I have tried to address every variable I could think of and still have issues with blood pressure.
I am at a loss man.


My question is how long of a break without totally crashing my test levels and feeling like shit.
I actually bought a blood donation kit and “donated” myself once. I never want to have to do that shit again. Sticking a needle in my vein and filling up a bag was nasty!

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at this point it needs to take as long as it needs to. you can recover pretty quickly. few years ago i stopped, and tried going through a doctor, i stopped using everything, it took about 2 months for me to really feel like shit, no energy, zero interest in sex or anything really, went to the doctor, levels came back 73. i even told them what it was from. they still wanted to do sleep test, mri, and all kinds of shit before he would prescribe anything. my wife finally agreed to let me do it myself. by the end of the week i was a completey new person, ready to go

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Wow man thanks for sharing! Sucks you had to go through that to get on trt! I appreciate the input!
I just have not been able to control the BP and the only variable left is self managed trt. My doc will straighten me out he runs trt himself and is a really good guy and a great doctor. Said $40 a month for test cyp and he’d push me over 1000 test level Along with Cialis. Hoping he’ll be able to help me get the BP down while on trt without BP meds. I can’t see myself off trt.

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