Halostestin (fluoxymesterone)

Halotestin, also known as Fluoxymesterone, is an androgenic anabolic steroid that bodybuilders can use orally to promote increased lean muscle mass.

Halotestin can assist your muscles, bones, and reproductive system stay healthy while also preventing muscle loss. Because this hormone is identical to testosterone produced naturally in the body, it’s no wonder that men who don’t create enough testosterone take it (or teenage boys suffering from delayed puberty).


  • Halotestin aids in the growth, development, and recovery of your muscles and tissue cells by increasing haemoglobin and improving the structure and mass of red blood cells.
  • This allows your muscles and tissue cells to benefit from higher levels of oxygen and nutrients, allowing them to grow, develop, and recover from exercise.
  • Improves strength - the more fuel/nutrients/oxygen your cells receive, the longer you can exercise. This helps you gain strength by maximising muscular development.
  • Increased energy levels might provide the motivation you need to keep working and training hard.
  • Fat loss - During a cutting cycle, Halotestin can increase fat burn while also protecting your body from muscle loss, giving you a tough, lean, and chiselled appearance.

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Please keep the following in mind when using Halotestin, and remember to consult your doctor if you have any of the following conditions (since they may affect your ability to take Halotestin):

  • Allergies
  • Taking anti-cancer drugs for both breast and prostate cancer (in men)
  • Heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, mineral imbalance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, respiratory issues, and diabetes are all risk factors (it can lower your blood sugar levels)
  • Your age - older users may develop difficulties with their prostate and liver, as well as swelling in their arms and legs.
  • If you’re pregnant, fear you’re pregnant, or are breastfeeding, don’t use it.

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