Grits Bulking Log

So I guess I have been posting my log in the wrong section possibly. In the sponsors sub forum.

I’ll be posting here as well from now on…


So I’m super happy super impressed with these results. For anyone that doesn’t know I’m currently running 600- Primo, 600-NPP, 687.5mg-Sustanon/ 100mg-Anadrol. This is 100% exclusively XT LABS gear. I want you guys to understand my baseline Testosterone levels are hypogonadal as fuck 154/ng-dcl. Also my E2 levels are most likely down a bit as I took my weekly dose of AI a night or two before (.5mg Arimadex XTLABS)

Please guys shoot me some feedback this is full disclosure any of you that want to give me advice on my other blood markers I’d love to hear it.



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You’re the same age as me and in the same Division. I’ll be watching this.

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Shoulders tonight, good solid workout got it done in a good hour.

Seated Barbell Press: warm up @65/95
1x25@135, 1x20@155, 1x15@185, 1x12@205,1x10@225. Drop to 2x10@135 (pause reps)

Side lateral /RDCF TRISETS: So the set up here is 40lb dumbbells 35lb dumbbells and the cable set up in 30lbs. Side lateral- 40lb for 12 35lb for 10 / Rear delt Fly 10reps per arm… 4 rounds of this followed by a drop set of side laterals and 40,35,30,25 AMRAP

Barbell Shrugs:
2x15@135 (single arm /smith machine)
2x30@185 (normal grip from here on out)

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Plates are per side on all movements

Leg Press: warm up 1x20@2plates 1x20@3plates

1x20@4plates, 1x20@5plates, 1x20@6plates, 1x15@7plates, 1x15@8plates, 1x12@9plates, 1x20@7plates, 1x20@6plates, 1x30@5plates

Hammer Strength V- Squat:

Hammer Strength V-Squat (Facing the seat)

Close Stance Deficit Barbell Squats:

Leg Extensions:

Annnnnnnnnndddddd it’s cheat meal night !!!
Y’all already know it’s Wendy’s with a frosty !

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Chest tonight

Incline barbell:
warm up @95lbs 2 sets
1x20@135, 1x15@155, 1x15@185, 1x12@205, 1x9@225, 1x7@245
Drop to 2x10@135 (pause reps)

Incline dumbbell Press:
1x20@65’s, 1x15@75’s, 1x12@85’s 1x8@95’s

Flat barbell:

Decline cable fly:

Seated Incline Cable fly:

Here is my dinner tonight! Had to put it together quick


Back tonight

Reverse grip Lat pull downs:
1x20@100, 1x15&120, 1x12@140, 1x10@160

Wide Grip Lat pulldowns:
1x10@160, 1x12@140, 1x15@120, 1x20@100

Seated Rows Wide Grip: these are performed pulling a bit more towards the sternum, targeting the middle of you trap, a little rear delt which is kind of unavoidable, and also the teres minor and major.

1x15@100, 1x12@120, 3x8-10@140

Hammer Strength Hi row: Iso lateral movement


Hammer Strength Low row: Iso Lateral


Bent Over barbell rows Reverse Grip:
2x15@135, 2x10@185, 2x6-8@205

This routine kicks my ass and honestly I get DOMS in the targeted area and that’s it, something about doing these exercises in this order in this way really hits different. I encourage you to check it out especially if you love training back!!! You will know you hit it. This routine is to add a bit of depth to this area of the back.

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Shoulders tonight !! Had to get them in and done quick tonight in between work and therapy…… it was my last violence prevention class though so super excited about that lol

Side laterals:
1x20@25, 1x16@30, 1x12@35, 1x10@40
Drops 40,30,20,15,10 AMRAP X2 rounds of drops

Heavy bent over rear delts:

Seated militaryPress:
2x20@95, 2x15@135, 2x12@155, 2x8-10@185. Drop to 135-2 sets of pause reps
Drop to 95-2 sets of pause reps

RDF Pec-deck machine:
1x15@100, 1x12@120, 2x10@140

It was a short one but a good one, serious intensity got it done in about 50min

Also just want to add that I am going to Pin some HCG tonight maybe 500iu. As well as starting the HGH protocol tomorrow, I will start with 1iu and titrate up to possibly 4iu


Holy Quads tonight

Plates are per side

Leg press:
1x30@1plate, 1x30@2plates, 1x25@3plates, 1x20@4plates, 1x20@5plates, 1x20@6plates, 1x15@7plates, 1x15@8plates, 1x13@9plates

Squats: heels on plates
1x20@185, 1x15@225, 1x15@275, 1x12@315, 1x12@365, 2x30@135

Leg Extensions:
1x20@100, 1x20@120, 1x20@140, 1x 15@160, 1x15@180, 1x15@210, 1x12@250

Leg curls:
5x20@ 110

Tonight was all about some good volume and really keeping the time under tension as a main focal point these were good crisp reps. This was a long session tonight much longer than I usually train but it was needed to get the volume in.

Compound protocol has dropped

I’m currently running

687.5mg/ Sus /week
800mg/ Primo/ week
1iu Hutrope HGH /daily

I’ll maintain this protocol until I begin my prep in the upcoming weeks !!!

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Wow nice volume there brother. Keep killing it!

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Thanks big dawg I appreciate it. Weighed in at 215 today. Feeling like the GOAT of BLOAT coming out this Anadrol. I can tell I have some water on me!!

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Ditch the plate under your heels squats. That’s for noobs.

Get some Nike Romeleos and it will change your squat forever. Thank me later.


Heard that lol I’ll def look into them


Preacher curls:
1x20@75lbs, 1x15@95lbs, 1x12@115lbs, 2x6-8@135lbs

Close grip bench:
1x20@135, 1x18@155, 1x15@185, 1x12@205, 1x10@225, 1x8@245

Dumbbell curls:
1x15@40, 1x12@45, 3x8-10@50

Tricep press machine:

Hammer Fist curls:

Tricep Cable kickbacks:

A short one due to some time restraints but a good one for sure…. About to bring this thing to a close and transition in to contest prep. Will post up some stats and before and after pics on my final day in this Log.


Good work brother, GET SOME!

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Chest tonight

Flat Barbell:
Warm up 45-135 lbs 4 sets

1x20@185, 1x15@205, 1x 12@225, 1x10@245, 1x8@265, 1x5@295, 1x2@315

Note that I have a training partner and had assured reps at the end of everything past 225

Smith Machine Incline:
Slow 2-2 tempo crisp reps with a hold on the contraction

Decline Cable Fly:

Hammer Strengrh Incline press:
5x10-12@ 2 PPS

Good mix of stuff here, It’s rare that I go as high in weight as I did tonight but it was nice to put some heavy weight on the bar and hit it tonight.


Diet repost

So this is my current diet for those tuning in!!

Meal #1

6 scrambled egg whites

6 oz lean beef

1 cup oatmeal w/ 1 scoop protein powder, ¼ tbls. Cinnamon

Meal #2

8 oz chicken breast

1 cup white rice

Meal #3

8 oz Lean beef

4 cups pasta w/ 1 cup marinara sauce


Meal #4

8 oz chicken breast w/ teriyaki sauce

1 cup white rice

Meal #5 ( In red below is alternate meal, do the alternate every other day)

8 oz Lean Beef

7 oz sweet potato w/ ¼ tbls cinnamon

8 oz white fish

1 cup rice

¾ cup broccoli

Before Bedtime

50 gram casein protein shake


Well boys, we are going to be transitioning in to prep here in the next 2 weeks it looks like. My new diet will start Monday and the new compound protocol will be posted at that point in time, as well as a separate thread for my XT LABS PREP LOG, I only hope to improve so please give me some feedback on what y’all would like to hear more about or see more of. You can expect pictures and blood work, routines diet changes, full disclosure all the way through my prep and in to my show and post show. How to properly rebound from a show with diet and come off stage correctly. Once I get close to my show date things will be changing weekly and sometimes daily…… all of that will be in this Log, every single thing that changes and takes place I plan on sharing with you guys


Ready for the prep with brother! Keep killing it!


Quads tonight

Last cheat meal in the books tonight, I’m sure I will have another but it will be a while.

Hammer Strength Squat:
1x25@1PPS, 1x20@2PPS, 4x15@3PPS

Leg Press:
1x30@4PPS, 1x25@5PPS, 1x20@6PPS, 2x15@7PPS, DROPS >> starting @7PPS for 10 reps , strip a PPS then 8 reps all the way down to 3PPS being the last set.

Hammer Strength Hack Squat:

Leg extensions:
5x10-12@ 100