Gh usage and blood pressure changes. How and why this could happen?

As you’ve learned by now every answer I give is very simple yet complex. But, I think I know some of the answers to this one.

I feel like I give too many long winded answers. If this annoys you guys please let me know I’ll try to speed the up. But sometimes people want more information and that’s what I prefer myself.

How does GH raise BP? I’ll give the ways I know how this could happen.

  1. Generic GH in particular has been associated with a large increase in water retention. Water retention will cause an increased blood pressure. Why? More water in the body causes pressure to build up in arteries and veins. Therefore you now have higher blood pressure than normal. It’s like putting extra water into a water balloon. It’s going to push the balloon to its limit before it explodes. An explosion in a balloon is the equivalent of an aneurysm in the human body. That’s not good.

  2. Why is water retention more common in generic GH? I can’t speak for every generic but what I’ve discovered is whoever is making the GH is adding aldosterone to their GH. Wtf is aldosterone? Aldosterone is a natural hormone produced in the adrenal glands to help retain water and sodium when dehydration occurs. Why the fuck would somebody at aldosterone to GH? Because people associate more side effects with stronger gear. There, Is aid it. If your hands go numb more then they think it’s stronger. But this isn’t always the case. The guys who make it are smart and want your money. They will sometimes use GHRP or ipamorelin and add aldosterone to it to make people think it’s real GH because you swell the fuck up.

  3. Next reason, high blood sugar. There’s a reason why some guys take insulin/metformin with their GH. It’s because when you administer GH your body then begins lipolysis which means you’re breaking down stored fat for energy. That energy is in the form of sugar sugar. And that sugar is in your blood stream now. High blood sugar can cause Edema, which is the fancy term for water retention, especially in the ankles. Look at old photos of Nick Walker for example and you’ll see what I’m talking about. However, when you’re healthy and your blood sugar rises you should naturally produce insulin which will lower your blood sugar. That’s why a lot of guys do morning cardio after pinning GH, this helps burn the blood sugar that was just released due to the GH use.

  4. GH can cause strain on the heart and difficulty breathing. When your heart is under more strain it will have to pump harder to move fluid throughout the body, thus higher blood pressure. This is very dangerous for big bodybuilders. You’ll notice big guys breath extremely hard just having a normal conversion. There’s also more pressure physically pushing against the heart from water retention.

Why do some people’s BP go down on GH?

  1. Two types of Pharma GH are associated with very lower water retention. These are Norditropin and Genotropin. Each Pharmaceutical company has their patented way they make their GH. Which means it’s unique to the company. However the Norditropin and Genotropin GH is produced they’ve done something different than the other companies to reduce water retention. I don’t know what it is but it’s much less water retention than Serostim for example. So if you use a low dosage of Norditropin or Genotropin GH and notice your bp is normal, that’s because of their special way they made it. Plus if you’re losing body fat or body weight that alone will cause a decrease in BP. If someone has high BP and is labeled as obese they should lose weight as the first option, then perhaps use a diuretic.

  2. If your BP went down on generic GH, especially high dosage than you either lost a significant amount of weight/body-fat during the dieting process or GH was fake. Sorry guys. Let’s say you were competing and ran GH and lost 30 pounds and your BP went down, I wouldn’t be surprised because you lost a lot of weight. If you maintained your weight or gained weight and your BP went down something isn’t right. Unless you lab tested the GH or you did you IGF-1 and serum GH levels while using the GH you don’t really know what it is. If your blood pressure did go down as you gained weight then you’re a freak of nature congrats.

Let me know your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear them.

If I think of any other ways it could happen that seem logical I will edit this post.


I agree :100: and honestly that was my theory. That they added shit, I know about Ipamorelin etc but not aldosterone. My other theory was the swelling and water from GH. Thankxx :facepunch:t2:


You’re welcome. Just doing my job :nerd_face:


Next question, T3: Any dose, even 5mcg, can it increase BP? Yes heart rate but not much out there on Bp.

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I know what you meant but that made me laugh lol

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T3 causes you to retain less fluid so probably won’t raise BP much. If anything it lowers it.

I could if you took like 100mcg your HR would increase but that usually causes BP to drop.

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Super helpful especially because I’m about to deploy some Hutrope myself and don’t really know what to expect. Using it to transition into my prep phase. Great read man for real. I plan on using it more in the future just something I’m going to have to plan on doing and buy quite a bit before I begin.

So when someone first starts a low dose gh regime, what should they expect in the first couple weeks? Month?


I read that your better off taking T4 on GH for better fat burning. This is true, and would that also help blood pressure? Sorry…myself haven’t taken GH yet…taken mk677 and certain peptides/analogs.

No and No.

First off T4 doesn’t burn fat unless it’s turned into T3. So how would T4 burn it faster than T3?

Define low dosage.

I don’t see a lot of change in thyroid or BP with 2iu or less tbh. I don’t see much water retention unless you go to 4iu+ really.

2.5iu daily.
I always see questions from people asking about what they should be experiencing when they start using hgh.

I do know t4 doesn’t. Sorry. since GH increase T3, that more T4 would be wise to increase more fat burning potential?

GH doesn’t increase T3.

GH can effect the conversion of T4 to T3 for better or worse but that doesn’t mean it increases total T3. This article is saying you need a proper ratio of GH, T4 and T3 because they work synergistically. Which is why I say you need to do your labs and make sure your T3 is in range. Taking GH will drop your T4 to a point where it’s 0 and there’s none left to convert.

Soo T4 should be taken with it? After labs have been checked of course.

That article says the conversion itself to T4 to T3 helped GH which I’m not aware of. T3 is the active hormone so that’s what I do. However, you can always buy the 50mcg T4/12.5mcg T3 blend! That seems like a great option too. I just use the 25mcg T3 myself.

Thanks for the info.