Getting things ready

So my cut cycle ends in 2 weeks, and then I’m gonna cruise until my levels get back to normal range. But I like to get things ahead of time so I have them. I’m looking for some advice on a bulking stack. I was thinking sust,npp,Anadrol and maybe tren with some caber. Any advice or recommendations this will be my 5th cycle


I’d say for a

Lean bulk -test ,npp,mast,tbol and var

True bulk - test ,deca ,EQ and dbol or drol or both

Me myself I never true bulk anymore it makes the cut cycles so hard . I try to lean bulk so my cuts are easier . But I’m not going for as much size as I can get either

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Sounds like a winner to me. You could go with deca rather than NPP…less pokes or maybe EQ. Drol is key. Diet is really your ultimate determining factor though. Gotta eat to grow.

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Never done a lean bulk, I like the idea of staying lean I’ve worked hard to get down to 12-13% body fat lol. How much size can you expect to get from a decent lean bulk cycle


And I’ve never used tbol I know I didn’t really like dbol, that’s why I was gonna go with drol instead

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And should I run caber if I’m running Deca and tren, and if so how much caber?


Well to be honest your bulk ,lean bulk and bulk is all about diet .

Tbol is less water gain . More true gain in my opinion.

I would just have caber on hand . I run p5p protocol myself . ( 2 zinc ,2 vitamin e and 2 p5p everyday .) But I do that year round not just when I run non-19’s

I don’t run dbol or drol anymore .

Drol fucks up my stomach .

Plus liver support year round also .


So Right now I’m in a calorie deficit of 2500 calories a week, my maintenance is about 3000 I believe. So for a lean bulk would I just do maintenance calories?

Probably 200 to 300 over

Ok thank you, last question lol. For the stack sust, deca, mast, I’ll still probably try drol for a lean cut, anavar what dosages would you recommend? And would you throw tren in there to and if so what dosage, I’ve had pretty good response to tren at 200mg a week

Honestly sust is just a starter test I my opinion . I’d run test c it’s usually a fresher test cause it’s used for so many things in world .

If I was going to lean bulk I’d run tpp, npp and mast at 450 per week . U can 3 x a week. But I like to micro dose and pin everyday with smaller pins . Just keeps the blood levels more stable all the time . So it doesn’t go up and down I think less gets turned in E if that makes since .

Now for the cycle you said I’d probably run 600mg for all 3 . Wait til about week 4 to use orals so everything else is kicked in . I believe you get more benefits from them this way . Also with deca the cycle needs to longer I say 16 to 20 week cycle . Just in my opinion . With longer esters have to run more compound cause you get less hormones from them

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For cost reasons I might just go with exogens
That would work right?

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Much prefer tbol over dbol…drier leaner mass.

My absolute favorite blend.

Good advice right here.

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The lean mix is your favorite blend?

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My personal favorite?..

Awesome, so yea I’m gonna do the lean mix tpp,npp,and mast p throw in some tbol and run it. You recommend throwing some tren ace in there ?

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Whats your cycle history like…how many, what,…?

Yes great choice