Favorite music app

What’s y’all’s go to app to be able to download play list to use off line? The signal in the shop where I have my gym set up is terrible and needing to get something I can use while working out.

Spotify. My wife likes pandora but it doesn’t work for me when I’d go for a run out at the lake.


Musi. It’s free and easy.

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Definitely Spotify for the steroid podcast


SoundCloud for what i listen to

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I use Youtube Music.


Agree with Musi. Anything YouTube has but plays on locked screen and/or background 24/7


Spotify hands down, has everything you’ll ever need and top notch quality app and music. Pay the 10 bucks a month and get the premium and you’ll never look for another music app again


Liking it for sure just switched over.

Awesome brother :+1: it is pretty cool app. I’ll use Spotify sometimes but mainly Musi cause sometimes I’ll listen to books and speeches that YouTube has

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I use TuneIn radio.Commercials are limited but you can listen to stations all across the world based on genre.

Although my wife, both kids, and some buddies have recommended their favorite apps I listen to playlists created through Youtube even though it has been deleted without warning multiple times.