Fat Loss Motivation: 9 Tips To Keep You On Track

This article presents motivational tips to help you stay on track and reach your fat loss goals. Consider them a roadmap that leads you to the dream body you want.

Brad Borland is a strength & conditioning specialist, cancer survivor and the founder of WorkoutLab.

We all need a little (or a lot) of motivation when it comes to our fat loss efforts. Training is one thing; go to the gym, work hard, go home. But dieting is an organic, ever-evolving monster when it comes to handling temptations, distractions and plowing through despite the aforementioned.

You need a few side arms at your disposal ready to be drawn in a moment’s notice to combat the tough times that challenge you - a few mental strategies to help you on your way to achieving your ultimate physique goals.

By keeping a few key concepts in mind you can stay strong and thrive on a fat loss diet. Below are just a few motivational tips to use for your dieting woes and to keep you on track for continued success. Write them down, reword them to your liking if you want and think of the road ahead as your grand plan toward the body you want.

9 Motivational Tips For Fat Loss

Tip #1 - Be mindful of your food and eating habits

One of the easiest traps we fall into is forgetting our plans of action. We become less mindful of our eating habits and food in general especially when faced with new situations or uncharted territory. Special events, holidays, traveling and other unique situations at times will find us in a flux.

Stay mindful of where you are and what’s available and make real, logical goal-oriented decisions. Am I just diving in because it is available? Is splurging worth it in the long run? How will I feel after the event is over and I am back in familiar surroundings?

Tip #2 - Start thinking of food as fuel

Not to completely avoid the pleasure of food, thinking of your weekly eating habits more as fuel for training and living will keep the desire to eat for pleasure a bit more at bay. Just be aware of the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you are ingesting as pieces to the bigger puzzle; fueling your efforts for burning fat.

Don’t let go of the notion to enjoy food, however, just keep your eyes forward toward a scheduled reward - which leads us to the next tip.

Fat Loss Motivation

Tip #3 - Make sure you’re cheating

Having a scheduled cheat day or days can prove tremendously advantageous during a strict diet. Not only will cheating provide you with that long sought after cheat food, it will also set a goal for each stretch of your diet.

By keeping the cheat meal in mind all week will help you curtail those cravings and will give you some semblance of a reward. This will also help rev a potentially slacking metabolism and get you back to burning more fat.

Tip #4 - Write it down

The simple act of keeping a journal and writing down your daily eating habits can have a dramatic effect on your adherence to a program. Just by physically writing down even the vaguest of notes about your meals can keep thoughts about your diet at the forefront of your mind reducing the risk of falling off the wagon.

In addition, it will also serve as an archive for adjusting things if necessary.

Tip #5 - Have a vision

What good is a plan without an end goal? Whether it is a specific event, better performance or an overall desire for a better lifestyle, having a clear vision of purpose is a must.

Additionally, make sure this vision is measurable. Is it a specific bodyweight or body fat percentage? Is it a more muscular physique? Is it loosing X amount of pounds to fit into a swimsuit or tuxedo?

Tip #6 - Be aware of the new lifestyle

Riding on the coattails of the last tip, being aware of this new healthy eating lifestyle has significant effects as well. Accepting your new habits puts you in the correct mindset moving forward and being successful.

Awareness is key when facing obstacles and challenges that threaten your best efforts. Be mindful and in the moment when making the best possible decisions toward your personal goals.

Tip #7 - Think salvage, not off the wagon

Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed like all of your best efforts were derailed and you just felt like throwing it all away and starting over tomorrow or after the weekend? Relax, become aware of these feelings and salvage what is left of your day instead of just tossing the whole thing aside.

When faced with minor (or major) hiccups, make the necessary adjustments then and there and move on. Salvage what you can from that moment and press on.

Tip #8 - Reach out and buddy up

Having a support network or even a partner in crime can be a priceless commodity on your fat loss journey.

Accountability, motivation and creativity are just a few of the attributes of having someone with mutual goals. The benefits of support are greater than the sum of their parts.

Tip #9 - It gets easier

Forming and practicing habits over the long haul will make this whole fat loss thing easier. Discipline, adherence and awareness take time to cultivate into powerful tools, so do not despair, this journey is a marathon not a sprint.

Be patient, forgiving and honest with your efforts and you will reap incredible rewards.

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