Depression and how we cope. At least 80% of the population deals with some form of depression. How is it different between men and women??


i dont think there is a difference of how it feels. how we get to that low may be different paths and different triggers. but the feeling of hopelessness, emptiness and the wanting it to all end is the same


I can’t say for sure I have every been depressed maybe sad for a short time .

I believe women can handle it better because if the cycles there hormones change month .


I’m not so sure I’ve every been there that I want to hurt myself at all now the rest of you may be in trouble


Have been dealing with it close to two decades. The worse has been the second half.


My personal opinion is that it is tougher on men because men have been taught not to show any signs of weakness, therefore, men do not usually seek out treatment and it can have devastating consequences when or if it goes untreated. Women are usually more vocal with their depression, and will be extremely emotional, where as men act it out in other ways including…escapist behavior, like spending a lot if time at work and a distance from loved ones, physical symptoms like, headache, digestive problems, and pain, problems with drugs or alcohol. controlling and or violent abusive behavior, irritability or inappropriate anger. Asking for help can be hard for men. But without treatment, depression is unlikely to go away. It can make you and people closest to you miserable. It can cause problems in every aspect of your life, health, career, relationships and personal safety. Don’t try to tough it out on your own. Treatment can provide healthy coping skills like, setting realistic goals, emotional support and learning strategies for making social connections, able to manage stress, and develop problem solving skills, get back to enjoying activities or hobbies. Depression can be treated.


Somethings never go away in my world. Some song,some sightings of something,some smell or just the way the hits me. You just learn to adapt and overcome and move forward.


I think women are best at handling things too. Jaxz.

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I went years with undiagnosed PTSD. It almost destroyed my family. I finally got diagnosed through the VA. Seeking help saved my marriage and probably my life.