Cycle design and how to get more out of less

Do you have a method when designing your next cycle? Do you just use what you have lying around or do you plan it out ahead of time? When you do plan your cycle what protocol do you follow? What we’re going to discuss is a very simple and effective way to build a cycle that will result in less side effects and better results.

The anabolic family tree

The image above is the “Anabolic family tree.” Why is this important? Because each drug is broken down into 3 different categories. The categories are testosterone, nandrolones and DHT. Each of the 3 categories stimulate a different anabolic pathway to produce muscular hypertrophy. Each pathway also has derivatives which means they’re similar compounds based upon one of the 3 main compounds (test, DHT and nandrolone). Each individual derivative is slightly different than the original compound, but they act within the same pathway.

For example anavar and winstrol are both DHT drugs and stimulate the DHT pathway. They act very similar but they’re not exactly the same. However, compared to dbol they’re very different because dbol is a testosterone derivative, not DHT derivative.

Why does this matter? To produce the best results with the least side effects you’re going to want a mixture of the 3 pathways. You do not want to take 3-4 compounds that all reside from the same category. Too much stimulation to a specific pathway will cause side effects, just as no stimulation to specific pathways (you need a test derivative for normal function) can cause side effects.

Here’s some examples of poorly built cycles that and why.

Too many test derivatives.

Per week.
750mg test.
350mg dbol.

Why is this bad? Testosterone derivatives are heavily aromatized, which means testosterone is converted to estrogen. The above cycle has 2 compounds that convert to estrogen extremely easy. During this cycle your estrogen will be so high you’re going to have to take high dosage AI (aromatase inhibitors) which aren’t great for your overall health. You’re always going to be very bloated which can raise BP and probably get horrible gyno and acne and potentially ED.

Next example:
Too many 19-nor

Per week
500mg test
500mg deca
400mg tren

Here’s an example of high 19-nor cycle. Most people know not to do this by now because of progesterone and prolactin side effects. But overstimulation from 19-nor can cause ED even if you have testosterone added, odd sexual tendencies, lactating nipples, gyno and poor sleep. The rule of thumb here would be never exceed your 19-nor dosage beyond the totality of the testosterone in your stack. So if you’re taking 500mg test derivates don’t take more than 500mg of 19-nor.

Next example:
Too many DHT derivates

Per week
250mg test
400mg masteron
250mg winstrol
250mg anavar
600mg primo

DHT drugs are known for the “dry and hard look.” so they’re favorable pre contest which is the only time I would deploy this approach. However, if you’re not 4 weeks out or less you have no business using this many DHT drugs. Say goodbye to your hair, you’ll have prostate enlargement, potentially joint pain, low SHBG, low estrogen, increased thirst and urination, and constipation. Again, pre contest its common to deploy winstrol, anavar and Masteron at once but that’s for a short period of time but during that time you’ll have side effects, so make it worth it and win.

Ending discussion.

Next time you build a cycle think of each of these 3 pathways. Try to include 1 of each of them and see how your body responds. Find a few specific compounds in each pathway that works best with you and run with it. When I was younger I didn’t use this approach and I got worse performance gains and worse side effects. Now my cycles are basically side effect free which provides peace of mind.


Great post as usual brother. This could help many for sure.


This is a great post for newbs, and vets to be honest. I admits when starting I did all that. Then along the way learned the same thing. But this post is gold dude :facepunch:t2:


I agree very good information


You’d be surprised how many guys that have been running gear for a decade don’t know this stuff. It’s scary. But newbs will definitely love it.


Really fantastic information. Thank you!


Really interesting information and useful graphic.


Great read! Very informative!

Fantastic article. Very new to the scene.

I d say only thing left out is cycle support and pct support


That could be a separate post.

I don’t get bad side effects from gear personally. Tbh the only one I get is gyno but it’s very easy to manage that. I don’t think I’m the best person to post about cycle support and pct in general.


Nice post brother, will help a lot of people out :raised_hands:t2:

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A pct post @Mjk7 would be good. With your spin of course. I am on TRT but so many ideas on what to use, when, how long etc. It’s not always cookie cutter and short or long esters play a role too.


Pct is for the weak and tiny.

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I’ll think of something soon.


great post @Mjk7 :sunglasses: very well written

Good info and keeping it simple.

Great article, especially the graphic and the examples sited of what not to do. As a newb appreciate that.

Very good post. But what I would add is a mistake I made for many years that I’m sure alot of others have and some still do. They see Joe Smoe talkin about his cycle and how great his gains are and how’s he’s taking 4-5 compinds. You need to remeber this a very individualistic lifestyle and what works for one person def doesn’t mean it will for another person.
My advice is start small and with one compound at a time that way you know what’s working and not working . When u just start a stack with 4 compounds how do Tou know what exactly is working for u and what’s not. You could be completely wasting 1-2 compounds cuz thenother 2 are doin all the work. Keep it simple and there’s a reason certain compounds have stood the test of time for what there used for. Everyone knows for growth /off season a test/deca or test /Eq is best with lots of food. And once u finah that part it’s about goin nice and slow and steady so your losing fat and not muscle