Crypto Taxing and Coming Regs

What is everyone’s plan for this non-sense coming?

Well if you buy from Venmo they will tax if you sell. But if you use BTC ATM it will be impossible for them to tax it :wink:


This is the way to go. I been doing it this way forever it seems.


The crypto squeeze is coming. I just want to be able to have a decent retirement and not pay stupid amounts of taxes. Federal gov can really go fuqc itself. My productivity isn’t their gain.

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I like the idea of the btc atm but when I used one it cost me almost $100 in fees…. Cash app is 0 fees. That’s the problem I’m hung up on

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Everything getting taxed. I only used a btc atm once and was dissuaded from further use by the fees and camera on the machine.

Few years ago found a guy the next state over who, theoretically, could send crypto in exchange for larger sums of cash that would flag a bank.

I remember last year getting tax documents from Paypal and now fees on both Cashapp and Venmo rising and taxing of btc. Only a matter of time I guess until they both go the same way as Paypal until we find a newer option.

One of the biggest potential issues I have heard of is the cash to crypto transition.

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I like what you are saying!

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They are gonna crash the dollar & crypto to get everyone on the “Govt insured” digital NWO coin.

Invest in tangible goods.

Crypto is still great but I wouldnt put my long-term life savings into anything that can be taken from me remotely.

Used trucks, firearms, ammo, … These will always hold value/ increase in value.
Easy to sell privately for cash too.

And if someone wants to take it away, they gotta come PHYSICALLY take it away.


Oh look. I was right already!

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They wont try to regulate crypto, they will crash it (people will demand a solution after massive losses)…
They have the solution prepared for when they cause the problem…

“CBDCs” Central Bank Digital Currencies

Enjoy financial privacy & control of your money because they plan on eliminating that.
Spoiler: crypto was STARTED by the owners of the CB Cartel. Now that we’re trained to use it, the transition will be easy for them.

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