Contest & Prizes

We have a contest going on in our subforum. It’s fun, and if you win you get some great prizes. Go check it out: EXO-GEN :triangular_flag_on_post:


Another good one. Thanks EXO for the great contest.


Reminder, we got a contest going on in the EXO-GEN subforum. Great prizes! Go check it out :facepunch:t2:

Morning. New day means new entrees and guess! Head over to our subforum, it’s worth the drive :wink:

Head over. Who’s playing!!!

New day. Means new guesses. It’s an easy contests, head over to the subforum and check it outs

You know the drill, new morning = new guesses!

Morning SIS!

Who wants to play. New day, let’s go! Head over to the subforum. See ya there.