Confirmed Olympian Cycle - The parts I know

So most of us wonder what the top pros are running. I can confirm most of the time it’s not “as crazy” as most people think. To be honest the compounds and approach are usually very simple. At the pro level most guys run the same compounds. It’s usually the basics year round until show day like test, primo, deca, gh and insulin. Obviously near the competition things will change, you’ll have orals like winstrol, anavar and other DHT drugs as well as Trenbolone but that’s not year round. They do this because if they become toxic or unhealthy your gym performance and organs will begin to fail thus ending your career.

I’ve seen some pro cycles that are ridiculously simple. For example this was a top 10 olympian cycle halfway through prep.
800 test
600 eq
400 mast
4-6iu growth
20mg Nolvadex ED

And that’s it. He did add orals at the end but it was pretty cookie cutter. Pinng gear 2x a per week and basic gh use. This guy was a genetic freak obviously and had built so much muscle prior to this point he didn’t need high dosages of gear because he doesn’t need more muscle to win. Assuming you still need more muscle you’ll run more gear.

My best friend is close with Sergio. He told me the injectable portion of his cycle and I was stunned. I don’t know what orals he used at the end of the show, I didn’t even ask because what I was already told was significant. Injectables were this.

Per week
2,100mg test E
1,400mg tren (not sure the ester)
10iu gh per day

So that’s pinning 300mg test and 200mg tren ED. Also he used an entire bottle of generic gh per day. He wasn’t using Pharma at the time but he swore by this generic. Ambien was added for sleep due to tren.

Here’s the lesson. He actually looked like shit for this show because he didn’t come in conditioned. He was roughly 280lbs but not even close to shredded. His personal life was a mess at the time and diet was way off. This is why rumors of him retiring soon were spreading too.

Lesson to be learned. When pros and top level guys meet they don’t just talk about gear. Why? Because most of them run the same things, and it’s not like this Sergio cycle. It’s the basics, but their diet has to be on point. Without the proper nutrition all the drugs in the world won’t matter.


Holy shit that’s some insane doses! Sounds like what Tony Huge is trying to sell lol. Taking a whole cycles worth of gear in a week. Lol these fools are intense! Man my nips hurt looking at those test doses.

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Could only imagine what that much Tren would do to the mental state.


Right, pretty sure that much tren would make me insane…


That’s some huge numbers! Wow!

Ive never competed, never even got the chance to attend a formal show, but have been BBing for myself much like everyone else for years. Ive learned this much:

Gear can make anyone look decent, genetics make a person a champion. If youre not the later, dont risk your health unless looking a certain way keeps you sane and at that we all go back to the dust so dont get too attched to this meat suit.

We appreciate you sharing this for transparency of industry.

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No man with average genetics is getting to the Olympia stage let alone winning it. You need a perfect storm of elite genetics, work ethic, lifestyle and drug tolerance.


I agree. Great comment by the way.

Its aggravating when a sloppy fuck says. Well if i took steroids i could do that too.

90% of the population including myself could follow dorian yates, paul dillet, ronnie, cutler and big rami regime to the T literally mimic everything and look or achieve nowhere near them. Genetics are the “it” factor

I hate the term genetics. Only thing genetics influence are how you look as far as features and height.
Size comes from hardwork, food and drugs.

I know this post isn’t about genetics, but it was brought up a bunch.

It’s not just that. It’s your tolerance to said drugs. Your response to said drugs. Are you genetically pre-disposed to heart failure, diabetes, liver and kidney issues, HBP. All of which will stop your career or your existence on the planet.

there go’s my dream :pensive:

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