Boss skills by Zodiac signs

You already know, I enjoy reading on Zodiac signs and how accurate they are to us in general. I came across this write up and wanted to share and see how accurate this is with you all and if you can relate. We all know there are certain people born to be leaders and others not so much, Some people with leadership skills do by nature, as if they are destined to. However, other signs have to work harder to be referred to as a good leader.

Understanding your boss by Zodiac sign

ARIES- natural born leader. These people are not afraid of challenges, which is why people follow their lead. Employees feel threatened by Arie's firm and strict approach, they will make a good boss.

TAURUS- People born in this sign are too stubborn to be described as one of the good bosses. Although, they are excellent at organization and very determined, they may make decisions based solely on opinion. Their employees could describe the Taurus boss as too rigid and close-minded.

GEMINI-Gemini is more of a fun boss. They are brilliant, and people love working with them. In order for the Gemini to be a great boss, they need to work of keeping their focus on the job and making sure it is done before starting a new one.

CANCER- Cancer is a boss that listens to their employees with compassion and understanding. However, these people can be a bit sensitive. In order for Cancer to be a perfect boss, they should work on having a thicker skin.

LEO- Leo may just be the best boss in the zodiac, and frankly, as the symbol of their sun sign suggests the Lion is meant to rule. They are born with excellent leadership skills and like to be the best at what they do, which brings them praise and approval.

VIRGO (Ashley)- The highly organized Virgo as a boss can be too much of a perfectionist. Of course, the job will be flawlessly done, but Virgo may need to work on accepting that sometimes perfection is just an illusion and that there can be beauty in just going with the flow.

LIBRA- Libra is known to work hard and they are incredibly resourceful as a leader. However, these people often have a tendency to act indecisively, so in order for them to become great bosses, all they need to do is find a method that can help them make decisions easier.

SCORPIO- These people are born leaders. No one will question a Scorpio's authority as they have a natural talent to make people admire and worship them. You can never fool a Scorpio, their intuition is pretty strong, and that is why they make for a great boss!

SAGITTARIUS- People born in this sign need very little to become a great boss, but being free spirits, they often give up just before they reach the goal. On the other hand, Sagittarius has a quality of a great leader, but they love their freedom too much, so they cant make such a big commitment in life.

CAPRICORN- These people are the boss everyone looks up to and competes with. They are incredibly demanding, but in return, as a boss, they will give the best results in the corporation's history. it is extremely hard to be a better boss than a Capricorn, as they work 24/7.

AQUARIUS- Open-minded Aquarius will make a great boss for people who want to work independently. These people are creative and innovative, and ideas thrive out of them. This is not a boss that will breathe down your neck and that is why their employees love them.

PISCES- Highly intuitive Pisces can hardly go wrong. As a good boss they will always manage to deliver the work on time and as promised. However, balancing their feelings and learning to control their emotions can help the Fish be the best boss ever!

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Very accurate! Thanks ash I like this kinda stuff

So is Virgo pretty accurate for u??

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Gemini here and pretty much dead on

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Fucking Libra....Im firing everyone today​:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and no... I am a perfectionist, that is true. However, when you work or manage retail...that really can't have any type of hang ups because it takes all kinds to make it work. If I was painting a picture, then I would say throw it out and start over, I don't think it looks right. But with my job, sometimes, the strangest or the awkward person gets the sales.

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cool and interesting take on it

wonder if people can guess what i am lol

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Don't leave us hanging..... what are you?

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Mine was pretty not accurate, I dont want to have employees. My ideal business is ran by myself and thats it, less people less headaches.

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