Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Prep Workout

The Army Combat Fitness Test is a new fitness test for Army personnel that will be implemented in October 2020. Do this program to pass it with flying colors.

  • Main Goal

Build Muscle

  • Workout Type


  • Training Level


  • Program Duration8 weeks
  • Days Per Week


  • Time Per Workout60-90 minutes
  • Equipment Required

Barbell, Bodyweight, Cables, Dumbbells, Machines

  • Target GenderMale & Female
  • Recommended Supps

Whey Protein

Workout Description

The old Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) was designed to test the muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular respiratory fitness of soldiers in the United States Army.

The test consists of 2 minutes of push-ups, sit-ups and 2-mile run. This test was introduced to the Army in 1980. In 2018, the Army decided to make a change.

The Army recently tested 2,000 soldiers on The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Taking effect in October of 2020, the ACFT is designed to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and provide leaders with a tough, realistic, field-expedient assessment of the physical component of their soldiers’ individual readiness.

There will be six events:

1. Strength Deadlift: With a proposed weight range of 120 to 420 pounds, the deadlift portion of the ACFT will require soldiers to perform a three-repetition maximum deadlift.

2. Standing Power Throw: Soldiers will toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as possible to test muscular explosive power that may be needed to lift themselves or a fellow soldier up over an obstacle or while moving rapidly across uneven terrain.

3. Hand-Release Pushups: In this event, soldiers start in the prone position and do a traditional pushup, but when at the down position they release their hands and arms from contact with the ground before resetting to do another pushup. This allows for additional upper body muscles to be challenged.

4. Sprint/Drag/Carry: As they dash 25 meters five times up and down a lane, soldiers will perform sprints, drag a sled weighing 90 pounds, and then hand-carry two 40-pound kettlebell weights. This can simulate pulling a battle buddy out of harm’s way, moving quickly to take cover, or carrying ammunition to a fighting position or vehicle.

5. Leg Tuck: Similar to a pullup, Soldiers lift their legs up and down to touch their knees/thighs to their elbows as many times as they can. This exercise strengthens the core muscles since it doubles the amount of force required compared to a traditional sit-up.

6. 2-mile Run: Same event as on the current test. In the ACFT, run scores are expected to be a bit slower due to all of the other strenuous activity.

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Getting Started with Training for the ACFT

Workout 1 is designed to help strengthen the muscles used for each event on the ACFT in giant set form with little rest. This workout will also work the entire body.

Workout 2 is all about conditioning and core work that will also help your 2 mile run time all while burning fat in the process.

Workout 3 is more strength-training oriented and includes a challenging barbell complex along with more conditioning work.

Workout 4 is all about endurance. Due to the length of the ACFT, you have to get used to maintaining your energy for longer periods. On this day, you will run a mile followed by a bodyweight cardio movement for 1 min repeated 4 times.

Workout 5 is strictly an upper body workout. This workout is included as part of the program to help you shape your muscles to give you that ripped look.

Workout 6 is the final workout of the week and it’s all about legs. This leg workout is an absolute killer.

What will happen?

This workout program will help you be successful on the Army Combat Fitness Test, but will also help you become functionally fit.

You don’t have to be in the Army to do this program. It was designed for anybody willing to take on a challenge and transform their physique.

These workouts will take you to the next level, trust me and give it try.

Workout 1: Total Body
Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Sumo Squats 3-4 12
A2. Lunge Jumps 3-4 12 Each
A3. Forward Lunge 3-4 12 Each
B1. Weighted Jump Squats 3-4 12
B2. Push Press 3-4 12
B3. Tuck Jumps 3-4 12
C1. Dumbbell Floor Press 3-4 10
C2. Incline Barbell Press 3-4 10
C3. 8-Count Push Up 3-4 8
C4. Oblique Push Up 3-4 6-8
D1. Stiff Leg Deadlift 3-4 12
D2. Bent Over Rows 3-4 12
D3. Sprint 3-4 1 Min
E1. Straight Leg Hold 3-4 30 Secs
E2. Tuck-Ins 3-4 30 Secs
E3. Alt Grip Pull Ups 3-4 6-8 Each
2 Mile Run - Timed
Workout 2: Core & Conditioning
Exercise Sets Reps
1 Mile Jog - Warm Up
A1. Walk 10 30 Secs
A2. Jog 10 1 Min
A3. Sprint 10 30 Secs
B1. Plank 10 30 Secs
B2. Plank Left Foot Raises 10 30 Secs
B3. Plank Right Foot Raises 10 30 Secs
B4. Plank Left Arm Raised 10 30 Secs
B5. Plank Right Arm Raised 10 30 Secs
B6. Plank 10 30 Secs
Workout 3: Total Body
Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Stiff Leg Deadlift 6 10
A2. Bent Over Row 6 10
A3. Front Squats 6 10
A4. Push Press 6 10
B1. Renegade Row/Push Up/Tuck Jump 4 10
B2. Plank Jacks/In-Outs 4 10
C1. Wall Sits w/ Dumbbell Curl 21s 4 21s
C2. Diamond Push Ups 4 10
Workout 4: Endurance Training
Exercise Sets Reps
1 Mile Run - -
Wide Pikes 1 1 Min
1 Mile Run - -
Plank to Squats 1 1 Min
1 Mile Run - -
Burpees (without jump) 1 1 Min
1 Mile Run - -
Burpees 1 1 Min
Workout 5: Upper Body Shred
Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Incline Machine Press 4 8
A2. Dumbbell Curls 4 8-12
A3. Push Ups 4 Failure
A4. Hammer Curls 4 12-15
B1. Lateral Raise 4 10
B2. 1 Arm Cable Tricep Pulldown 4 10
B3. Front Raises 4 10
B4. 1 Arm Cable Overhead Extension 4 10
C1. Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown 4 10
C2. Sit Ups 4 30
C3. 1 Arm Dumbbell Row 4 8
C4. Ab Wheel 4 10
D1. Chin Ups 3 10
D2. Dips 3 10
D3. Shoulder Press 3 10
D4. Cross Body Curl 3 10 Each
D5. Tricep Dips 3 10
D6. Toes to Bar 3 10
E1. Jump Rope 10 1 Min
E2. X Jumps 10 30 Secs
E3. Jump Squats 10 25
Workout 6: Leg Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Squats - 5 Minutes
A1. Elevated Leg Extension 10 Mins 10
A2. Split Squat Jumps - 10
A3. Calf Raises - 30
Leg Extensions 4 25
Stiff Leg Deadlift 4 25
B1. Farmer’s Walk 15 Min 50 Meters
B2. Jump Squats - 15
B3. Farmer’s Walk - 50 Meters
B4. Lunge Jumps - 15

Last Note

You can take the ACFT before start the program and at the end to see how much improvement you made.

And if you’re not training for that test, this program will still get you great results in 8 weeks.

Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, an athlete or a civilian this program can help take your fitness levels to new heights.

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