Any good movies?

Obviously trying to reach trust level 1. But anyone seen any good movies lately? We watched South of Heaven the other day and it was really good. Also really enjoyed Swan Song. Interesting concept

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“James bond” No time to die.
Very good and actions packed and the Bond Girl… damn!


I am following. Haven’t seen a good one in a while.

Definitely worth watching my friend. It is a good one to watch. Let me know how you like it once you check it out.

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Marvel Movie Marathon!

The last James Bond, was realy cool, big final for Craig

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Ozark Season IV
I can’t get enough of Marty Bird . Always up to his neck in shit .


It’s not a movie but I have been binge watching Dr.G:Medical Examiner.

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Not a movie but a series on Netflix called Mind Hunters. About the CIA agents that set the way for how investigations are done and finding serial killers. Along with the terminology we use today to identify sex offenders and murderers. Besides this one I watched one called The Last Kingdom was a pretty good one as well.

I’m gonna have to check this out. Been hearing it’s good.

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the new matrix, but you have to really be a fan of the first three and understand the big picture.

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Didn’t like it all that much . Looking forward to John wick 4 myself


Definitely a different one, but still good.

Waiting for that one. When does it come out in theaters again?

Check out the kings man. Its part of the Kingsman series but it’s a prequel. Solid movie IMO.

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The new one with the character " Rasputin"?


Ahhh you’ve seen it? What you think?

watched a good one this weekend called Small Engine Repair. Def worth a watch!

No,not really. That’s the newest I haven’t seen.

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Its not a movie, its a series but Its pretty damn good.

Peaky Blinders