Anavar & Endometriosis

This is a very good write up a friend of mine did. This is her experience and you should always consult a doctor before you attempt anything like this.

But, i can say this, women have been dealing with this issue a long time, and its great to hear when they finally get some relief.


Anavar and Endometriosis

WARNING: Talk of menstrual cycles, periods and all things ‘girl plumbing’.

I understand that not everyone is interested in this update, happy for you to scroll along, just please don’t be cruel to or about those that suffer from this condition.

Back when I started researching (Feb 2021) some people were interested in an update on my ‘experiment’ and condition and I feel I am at the point where I can give an update.

I will try to outline the effects of Anavar on 1) my endometriosis and 2) training below.

I started this venture on the research I had conducted into Anavar and the treatment of Endometriosis primarily to regain some quality of life when I have a period. I have exhausted all other treatment options and am looking at a hysterectomy as my final option. I have also wanted to try steroids for the benefits in the gym and thought that if an increase in muscle was a side effect of this then I wouldn’t be mad.

I was linked to this page while I was in the information gathering stages and asked for some advice and was overwhelmed with the responses and support from some members- so thank you !


I began 10mg Anavar daily.

3-4L of water daily.

Effects on endo:

From first menstrual cycle since commencing Anavar nearly 100% improvement in pain and severity. I have worked through every period and taken no pain killers.

To show the comparison: every period resulted in unbearable pain. Opioid painkillers wouldn’t take the edge off. 2-3 days bed ridden unable to function.

Since beginning Anavar I’ve not even needed to contemplate taking a pain killer. I’ve worked through. I have quality of life.

Effects at gym:

Feeling amazing. Stronger at gym. Lifting more every session. Body composition changing. Now that diet is reined in more noticeable changes occurring.

Side effects:


Pimples when I began taking them. I have always had laser hair removal and that seems to grow back faster and some more aggressive hairs have sprouted on my chin and neck …but I have since zapped them and they’re manageable.

My voice remains unchanged.

All other physical attributes remain the same…phew

I developed some issues with my liver after 8 weeks upon upping to 20mg daily- 1x 10mg morning + 1x 10mg afternoon (After a weekend of drinking- I was unaware that I should not have been drinking to the degree I did that weekend while taking this. I seldomly drink so I didn’t think it was an issue) and higher cholesterol.

Combating my cholesterol with diet and have become religious with taking fish oil tablets (2x morning and 2x night) daily along with 1x milk thistle, 1x cranberry and 3-4L min water daily.

Symptoms of my liver issues: presented as kidney pain, radiating across my lower back and sides intensifying daily, and generally feeling sluggish. Within 2 days of taking the fish oil tablets the pain disappeared.

If I don’t drink enough water daily then I begin to feel a bit average, but I’m talking drinking less than 1.5L which is super rare.

I have spoken to my doctors about my choosing to use anavar as a treatment for endo (keeping it clear that I’m not divulging how I’m acquiring it) and, the ones that have stayed with me, want me to change to something I can acquire with a script- anavar is in the too hard basket.

Moving forward I will be trialing Danazol which behaves similarly to Anavar, is still an androgenic hormone, is hopefully not virilising and bonus I can run anavar with it in future if I so wish.

So all in all this has been the best thing I have done in regards to tackling this condition. I have my quality of life back and once I pull my finger out and really sort out my food the results in the gym will reflect that.

Happy to answer any questions or elaborate on anything I may have missed.

Like I said , I understand this page isn’t typically for things like this but I hope this may help someone that needs it.

–Annastasia Dimitriadis


Interesting!! Unfortunately, I had to have a hysterectomy due to endometriosis. I guess it was about 15 yrs ago. At that time, there was no other options to consider doing or trying. It mainly seems to attack females that began having a period at a young age. I was 10 yrs old, it was a Saturday and my best friend was having her birthday party. Needless to say, I did not make it to the party. My mom was trying her best not to freak out, or at least not let me see her freak out. She was almost 17 when she started hers, so it was a bit mind blowing that her 10 yr old little girl was caught in between a woman and a child. I suffered every single month with severe cramps and a very heavy menstrual. I was a virgin duh, so my mom would not allow me to use tampons. I had to use pads and because of my period being so heavy…I had the great big fat kind. I was embarrassed to go to school with them on but if I didnt wear those big fat pads then I ruined my clothes and either way got embarrassed. When I was 16, I was told that I had abnormal cells and to keep an eye on it. By the time I was 22… I was hurting really bad in my side and it just wouldnt let up. I went to the ER and was then rushed in for emergency surgery. I was terrified. I had a cyst to rupture and when they went in…endometriosis had taken over. I still have images they printed out during that surgery so I could see the nightmare that was going on inside my body. Finally, when I was 27… I went for a yearly check up when the doctor told me that my uterus was ruined and there was no way around it, I had to have a hysterectomy. I was given 3 shots…one a month before surgery. I asked what would that shot do to me and the doctor told me nothing, I wouldnt even know that I had taken it. He told me a bold face lie. I went from a size 3 to a size 15!!! I mean I blew up over night almost. It took me several years to get that weight off. Endometrosis is no joke. Luckily, I already had 2 boys and I wasn’t interested in having anymore children. It causes cancer and infertility and its down right damn painful.

I believe it’s in the food these days

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